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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Christopher DeMorro


Tesla Truck Design Aiming For The Ford F-150

tesla-truck-renderElon Musk is nothing if not ambitious, and he has raised eyebrows with the mention of an electric Tesla truck before. But now Musk has made it official, stating that a Tesla truck is in the pipeline, and that such a vehicle would be modeled after the most popular vehicle in America, the Ford F-150. The Blue Oval better watch out.

Musk responded to a question as to whether or not Tesla planned to produce a commercial truck or van, and while Tesla doesn’t plan to enter the commercial market, and Tesla pickup is definitely in the early stages of development. Musk says that a Tesla truck could hit the market in as little as five years, and it will take after the Ford F-150.

So what does that mean? It likely means a truck with multiple cab and bed configurations, designed to be both rugged and reliable with ample ground clearance and I would imagine at least 250 miles of range. While Musk isn’t setting out to build a commercial vehicle, he probably will, as such a vehicle (if priced accordingly) could fill a wide variety of delivery and work roles, especially if it has access to a Supercharger system. Elon, in a failed bid to open the Texas market to Tesla vehicles, mentioned that a Tesla pickup factory might be located in the Lone Star State.

With pickup trucks absolutely dominating the American new vehicle market, Elon is attempting to cut himself off a slice of that very lucrative pie. But other automakers, like Toyota and Nissan, have tried and failed to crack into the market in any meaningful way. Is Musk being a bit too ambitious, or is an electric Tesla pickup ready to disrupt America’s truck market next? Also, what the hell would it look like?

Source: Business Insider


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  • Drivesolo

    Hmmm… maybe a Raptor fighter? Now that would be VERY interesting vehicle. An EV truck could be very useful since it could potentially provide 220V on-site power w/o the need for a generator. Even providing 110V for an extended period of time would be hugely useful.

  • Jason Carpp

    That’s fine for a Ford Ranchero pickup, but I can’t picture it used as an F150. I think it’s time for Ford and GM to go back to basics again. It’s been 35-40 years since anyone has built a truly utilitarian utility truck.

  • edsel ford

    In the original article Elons jacket does look like a Michael Jackson throwback.

  • UncleB

    Into the 21st century, not American but Global marketplaces. High torque, with little or no transmission! Imagine with me for a moment: a long flat bed, batteries between the rails, In Hub motors, one for each wheel. Drive by wire. Cabs up front, high over chassis, and allowing a full 1/3 more cargo. All Aluminium and plastics constriction for less corrosion, less weight. A practical Capitalist businessman’s all for profit, utility vehicle. Fewer moving parts, replaceable, recyclable batteries, Accent on durability not on frivolous things for the private market – and then if market demands, a “decorated” model? As the Feds wean America off of “money from Heaven” Americans will have to face harsh reality and recession at lest, and need very durable very serviceable, light transport, that takes no costly foreign gasoline, that can be domestically charged.

  • danwat1234

    Tesla pickup truck vs VTRUX?

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