The Concept 1865 Velocipede Is Ye Olde Fashioned Fun

velo-3It is amazing how long it took humanity to develop a concept as simple as the bicycle, but it has really only been around for the past 200 years, and it certainly hasn’t always looked the way it does. The very first bicycles weren’t called bicycles at all, but rather “velocipedes” which besides a goofy name also had huge front wheels. And yet I find myself drawn to this modern take on classic bikes.

Built through the collaborative efforts of chemical company BASF and German design studio DING3000, the Concept 1865 Velocipede is an easier-to-ride take on the classic 19th century bicycle design. Utilizing 24 different polymers (chemical company!), the Velocipede concept also has an electric motor on the front wheel to assist theoretical riders.

The carbon fiber reinforced frame is strong-but-light, and the old-timey design helps it stand out in a world where custom, high-end bicycles are suddenly highly sought after. With cars increasingly unaffordable by the city-dwelling masses, high-end, high-tech bicycles like this concept could become a norm.

What a weird future it will be.

Source: Design Boom



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