Video: Interview With Driver Of Nissan ZEOD RC

zeod-shakedownOne of the most exciting electric cars of the next year won’t be at any car dealership or showroom. The Nissan ZEOD RC is a hybrid electric race car that will tackle the epic 24 Hours of Le Mans next year, showcasing how you can go just as fast with a lot less power, weight, and fuel consumption. This next video shows the flyweight Nissan making its first public test laps at Fuji Speedway.

Utilizing a tiny 1.6 liter turbocharged petrol engine and a pair of electric motors, the hybrid race car is based largely off of the cutting-edge DeltaWing design that Nissan helped promote last year. Obviously they saw a lot of potential in the design, and decided to make their own go at the design, then handed it over to NISMO test driver Michael Krumm for testing at Fuji Speedway, whom was interviewed for the video below.

Krumm described the cockpit as like “being in a different world” and the car certainly handles and drives differently too. The Nissan ZEOD RC has the potential to disrupt Audi’s diesel-hybrid domination of the Le Mans series over the past decade, though this first public shakedown test was done at low speeds. I for one can’t wait to see the ZEOD rally make a go at the racetrack, and I have a feeling we aren’t too far from seeing this hybrid race car fully unleashed.

Can Nissan’s hybridized, DeltaWing knockoff humble its much bigger competitors?

Source: Nissan


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