Video: Another Tesla Model S Fire Caught On Video


tesla-fireEvery day thousands of gas-powered cars catch fire due to numerous factors, from operator error to just being old and in bad shape. Hot on the heels of a high-profile car fire involving a Tesla Model S comes news and video of another Tesla flambe. Once again, the driver was able to escape with minimal injury, though the Tesla was pretty much unrecoverable.

The incident happened in the Mexican city of Mérida, on the Yucatan peninsula, and according to witnesses the (allegedly) intoxicated Tesla driver sped into a roundabout and through two walls before finally hitting a tree and coming to a stop. The driver reportedly fled the scene, though a Tesla spokesperson says the man was unhurt, and intends on replacing his burnt Tesla with another one.

While this latest incident no doubt speaks to the Tesla’s durability and safety features, it’s also the second Tesla fire that’s made news in the past week. Once again, we have an electric car that sustained substantial damage to the battery pack, resulting in a massive conflagration engulfing the whole car. Owner loyalty is great and all, but there’s bound to be some worried hand-wringing in the Tesla headquarters over two fires in twk weeks.

So far the Feds have refused to open an official investigation, but Tesla has detractors who no doubt want to turn a molehill into a mountain.

Source: Jalopnik

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  • egogg

    Two fires in how many weeks? 😛

    • I bet they *would* be pretty similar- and, since the Tesla is the safest car ever tested, that would make the Model S a much better bet.

  • T Adkins

    Even a fireman’s firetruck can catch fire. You can even see tap water catch fire on the youtube.

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  • Nick

    This is garbage. That’s not a Tesla!