Video: Elon Musk Calls Fuel Cells Bullshit, Hints At 3rd-Gen Tesla


musk-germanyWhen Elon Musk talks, people listen, and the electric car entrepreneur has never been afraid to speak his mind. At a recent Tesla conference in Germany, Elon Musk said that the hydrogen fuel cells many automakers are pouring billions of dollars into are “so bullshit.” No, please Elon, tell us how you really feel.

As a maker of pure electric cars, I don’t exactly expect Musk to wholeheartedly embrace hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. But according to Musk, hydrogen makes sense for spaceships, not automobiles, as it is a very dangerous and volatile fuel. He goes on to say that hydrogen fuel cells are largely a marketing gimmick, and that lithium-ion batteries are cheaper and more energy dense than fuel cells.

Obviously, Elon is not a fan, though it wasn’t all negativity at the press conference. Besides telling German Tesla fans that free tuning for the high-speed Autobahn would soon be available, Musk also said that work was well underway on the third-generation, lower-cost Tesla for the masses. Musk said that the design will be revealed in the next 12 to 18 months, and that’s not all.

An even bigger battery pack option for the Tesla Model S is also in the works, offering even more range than the massive 85 kWh battery pack currently offered. Additionally, Musk promised an ever-larger network of Tesla Superchargers, which would also get a power boost to 135 KW, up for 120 KW. That means even faster charging is coming, and soon.

One thing is for sure; Elon Musk knows how to get our attention.

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  • Wiggletoes

    So sad; Was hoping an auto manufacturer would license the cost effective fuel cell technology and add a Tesla battery to provide a cost effective car with excellent life (300,00 miles), range (300 – 400 miles), and power.
    PS – Need a journalist to get the major auto manufacturers to explain why they are not offering fuel cell cars with the cost effective fuel cell???

  • UncleB

    Elon looks just down the road, sees huge advances in Electric storage, nano-carbon supercapacitors already, a recent reality, nano-glass insulator technologies not far off, nano-graphine a recent reality, and he builds Aluminium cars, quite appropriate for inductive, on the fly, charging? As even Honda breaks the back of the American huge horsepower sports car with the recent addition of a 600 c,c, 4 speed model of modest size and light weight, we await similar adventures in All Aluminium, electrics, commuter specials, two seaters, faster cheaper than the gasoline counterparts to own and to run, and with three moving part power-trans likely safe to guarantee for the lifetime of the first owner! America, you have been attacked, not by a bomb-able adversary, but by advances in science and technology, and tariff walls and currency manipulations will only harm your peons.

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