Bertha Benz Challenge = Electric Car Bash, 2013! (w/ video)


Bertha Benz Bash! 2013

Launched as part of this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, the Bertha Benz Challenge is an event that celebrates the progress electric cars have made since 1888, when the group says that Bertha Benz (of “Mercedes Benz” family fame) is said to have ushered in the era of the horseless carriage with her long-distance journey from Mannheim to Pforzheim.

At least, I think that’s what this says.

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what the article says or even what the guys in the video are saying about Berth Benz and whatever challenge or drive this is supposed to be about. This is, simply, one of the best electric and sportscar-junky videos on YouTube right now, featuring a 1000 hp Rimac Concept One, (what I believe to be) a similarly powerful Volar-e land yacht, Tesla Roadsters, Volkswagen E-Up!, and a bunch of neat-looking cars I couldn’t quite place at first glance. I think I might have seen an old Tommy Kaira, even!

It’s all very exciting, as much as a drive celebrating a rich lady’s 1888 road trip adventure can be either “very” or “exciting”, you know? You should definitely check it out- enjoy!


Source | Photos: ElectroAuto News, via Twike.

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  • UncleB

    Now that the gateway to U.S. warring and plundering lesser countries for their oil has been closed at Syria by the Russian/Chinese/Iranian/ U.N. collusion,and as the Chinese Thorium LFTR technologies emerge as cleaner more efficient, safer and cheaper, we see many companies trending towards electric vehicles. Even China, for pollution reasons seek electric over gasoline or diesel transportation solutions now. America’s oil riches exhausted now, and her natural gas riches a temporary , even fleeting phenomenon as fracked gas wells prove short lived, will push America towards electric transportation, especially over inter-continental oil intensive jet flights? We see a nuclear free Germany now powered by re-renewables, perpetual, domestic, energy for the most part, and soon enough, fossil fuel free. Even excess power storage, a big business outside the U.S.A., will soon prove to provide cheap steady power to industry.

    • T Adkins

      China is in a rough spot the other week they could not drive or fly with the levels of smog they we having. As China and India even inch by inch begin to move to European or US levels of consumption, they will see painful realities of stepping away from fossil as the the only energy choice they have. After all both China and India have more than 3 times the population of the US, as individual countries they hit the US usage level at 35% even faster if you count them together at 16%.

      As you get to the 16% or 35% you get to where you have the equivalent of 2 USAs pushing out pollution, with the potential for the level of 7 USAs pushing out pollution. The world already hurts and complains with just 1 USA doing its USA thing.

      Germany gave up nuclear and is moving back to coal and as it ramps up its coal use it has to import power when it used to export power, the renewable do the job there when the demand is low. Japan too is off nuclear and moving back to coal, the natural gas they currently burn for power is costing them a fortune.

      LFTR has the potential to quickly move power production away from fossil but so very much of the commercial transportation industry will still be on fossil.

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