Tesla Co-founder Joins Board Of BRD Motorcycles

bord-bikeThe market for electric cars is getting hot, but electric motorcycle sales seem to have even more potential. Just ask Martin Eberhard, the former co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, who has just announced his addition to the board of directors of San Francisco-based electric motorcycle maker BRD.

BRD opened shop in 2010 and has promised two electric motorcycles; the $14,995 MX dirt bike, and $15,995 SM street bike. BRD has thus far raised more than $1.8 million in funding for their bikes, which unlike other electric offerings tip the scale at less than 300 pounds. Eberhard was one of the pioneers of Tesla Motors but was pushed out by Elon Musk over production delays in 2007.

Eberhard, who served as chairman of Tesla from 2003 to 2007, successfully sued Tesla and has taken some of his money and experience to BRD. BRD has reportedly developed its own, “world class” battery in Eberhard’s words, and the lightweight power source will supposedly provide 50 miles of driving range.

Limited sales of the first 1,000 units are slated to begin sometime next year, and the market for electric motorcycles, especially in California, is a growing beast. Can BRD’s acquisition of a former Tesla hotshot help the company find the road to success?

 Source: Wired


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