Range Rover Hybrids Complete 10,000 Mile “Silk Trail” Journey

rover-hybrids-213 countries, 53 days, and 10,452 miles later, and a group of the recently-unveiled Range Rover Hybrids has completed an epic journey tracing the ancient Silk Trail. Not only did the group of Range Rover Hybrid SUVs complete the 10,452 mile Silk Trail, but they managed to return an average of 36 or 37 mpg over the course of the journey.

The expedition left Range Rover’s home plant in Solihull, U.K. and crossed some of the most barren places on Earth. The hybrid SUVs crossed rivers, deserts, and mountain passes to make the journey, enduring extreme temperatures of up to 109°F and following much of the original Silk Road that connected the Far East with Europe 2,500 years ago. This included a week spent at altitudes higher than 11,000 feet, and as high as 17,648 feet above sea level.

The Range Rover Hybrid crew stayed in a mixture of hotels, hostels, and tents, going through France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal and India. Through it all, this pair of heavy SUVs managed better fuel economy than the average family sedan. The Range Rover Hybrid could come to America as soon as next year.

Range Rover just might have a hit on their hands.

Source: Range Rover


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