Video: Watch The Autonomous Nissan Leaf In Action

autonomous-leafBy itself, the all-electric Nissan Leaf is a technological wonder, the first EV to really go mainstream with American buyers. So what better car to show off Nissan’s next big automotive advancement, self-driving cars? We’ve been hearing a lot about the autonomous Nissan Leaf, and now here’s a look at it in action.

Nissan set up a test track at Japan’s Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (CEATEC) event, and managed to take the top Innovation Award prize. It’s easy to see why; the right-hand drive Leaf navigates the simple obstacle courses with ease using five cameras and five lasers. The autonomous Leaf can identify road signs and obey traffic laws without any human interference, and even navigate around stalled cars or other obstacles.

It’s an impressive display of what today’s technology can do, though we are still years away from the actual salel autonomous vehicles, depending on whom you believe. Tesla thinks self-driving cars will arrive in 2017, while Nissan is aiming for 2020, and others think self-driving cars won’t hit critical mass until 2030 or beyond. With Google and the rest of the major automakers in the mix though, who knows?

What you are witnessing here is the birth of the next revolution in automobiles.

Source: Nissan


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