2014 Honda RCV 1000 Repli-racer Not Ready for Prime-time

2014 Honda RCV 1000

Honda’s entry into the globe-trotting MotoGP series is the RC213V – an extremely powerful, high-strung machine that makes so-called superbikes look like (overgrown) children’s playthings. Super-talented riders like Marquez and Pedrosa can barely keep a handle on the thing, so people like us? People like you and me? We have no chance of taming this 2-wheeled suicide-machine. This fact, of course, makes the prospect of riding one of Honda’s MotoGP contenders on public roads utterly irresistible.

“Luckily”, such a machine will soon exist, in the form of the 2014 Honda RCV 1000.

Less (more?) luckily, those of waiting for said road-going version of the bike to appear at next month’s EICMA show will have to wait a little bit longer, it seems. Reports out of Italy are that the 2014 RCV 1000 replica will NOT be making an appearance at the massive motorcycle show. More delays for the Honda RCV 1000 could see the introduction date pushed back into 2014, meaning the bike may carry a 2015 MY designation if and when we get the thing stateside.

While you’re waiting for the RCV 1000, though, you can terrorize your neighborhood and plan your rides using the 100-ish MPG Honda Grom, which is already in US showrooms. For its part, the Grom promises to be almost as much fun as the RCV, except at double the MPG and 1/4 the speed.


Source | Photos: Honda, via Motoblog.


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