Video: With the Continental GT, Royal Enfield is Really Trying


Royal Enfield

“If you bought a Royal Enfield,” says the knowing voice-over in Royal Enfield’s latest product video, “it was job done. It was king of the hill.”

That was the 1960s, when the scooter-riding Mods were regularly face-punching/getting stomped by the leather-clad Rockers across the UK. The Mods preferred meticulously prepared steel-bodied Vespas. The Rockers, however, rode big-bore British singles. Royal Enfield’s specialty. This latest Enfield, the Continental GT, is supposed to recall the marque’s glory days as the vehicle of choice for the hard-living, hard-partying Rockers who made places like the Ace Cafe their de-facto home in the 1960s … and, of course, liberate the dollars from the young men and women who emulate the classic Rocker style today.

This is how Royal Enfield says it…

A look into the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production – the culture that inspired it, the collaborators who finessed it, its combination of retro styling and ahead-of-the-curve engineering and why it is lauded by those who know their café racers. Explore our finest expression yet of pure motorcycling.

… and here’s the video.

Royal Enfield is expected to ask about $7500 US for the Continental GT, once the bike becomes available. For that money you get a unique frame, clip-on bars, adjustable sport suspension, and enough serious-looking brake hardware to make the bike a real contender in real-world riding conditions, if not a racetrack. The Enfield crew has also increased the bike’s engine capacity to 535 cc (up from Enfield’s standard 500 cc unit). Combined with a Keihin EFI fuel system, a remapped ECU, and a GT-specific, specially designed exhaust this revised engine is good for nearly 30 hp and a fair bit of torque for such a light, nimble bike.

What do you guys think? Is this latest Enfield going to be enough to lure you into one of their showrooms as opposed to, say, a Triumph or Cleveland dealer? Let us know, in the comments!


Source | Photos: Royal Enfield, via Motorpasion, Return of the Cafe Racers.

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  • susannaschick

    gross. I bet it even has a CARBURETOR!!! eeew. What’s a carbureted vehicle doing on here? This is gas2.0, not Gas Antiqua! 😉

    • Actually, it has a fairly advanced fuel injection with computer controls. Regardless of the vehicle’s look, it’s clean burning and gets about 80 mpg …

      • susannaschick

        oh, alright then. for a gas-burner that’s quite good.

  • Lee

    I like the design and feel like it’s a popular package that more motorcycle companies should be building but, I know some RE owners who have had some big issues on recent bikes with many common parts. Others have had no problem but, apparently some bad flaws made it out of the factory. I hope they have raised the bar on the build quality.

    • I’m with you on the Indian construction issues. The bikes ship not fully assembled, and the dealership doing the PDI and final assembly is a big part of it. Choose your dealer very, VERY carefully.


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