Kia Soul EV Coming To U.S. In 2014

kia-soul-electricWhile Kia has shot up the sales chart alongside partner Hyundai, the Korean automaker has been treading lightly in terms of alternative fuels. That all changes though with that announcement that next year, the Kia Soul Electric will come to the U.S. market. Details are few, but the funky Soul EV could prove popular with the kids.

In fact, the Kia Soul is one of the brand’s best-selling models, helped in part by an award-winning marketing campaign and the Korean “cool” factor. The Soul also has cargo space to spare, which could make it the perfect transplant for a pure electric drivetrain compared to say, the Kia Forte.

Electric cars are also perceived as cool by younger car buyers, so the one-two punch of Kia Soul + electric car could translate into a big hit. Of course details like range, cost, and speed will all factor in down the road, and Kia isn’t likely to roll out a Soul EV nationwide, at least not at first.

I’m not expecting anything revolutionary, though rumor has it the range will be up to 124 miles per charge, and a starting price around $35,000 before tax breaks.  The Kia Soul EV is set to launch sometime in 2014.

 Source: Kia


Christopher DeMorro

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