Hertz Adds Tesla Model S To Select Rental Fleets

hertz-kiosksWant to drive the Tesla Model S for a day, but can’t afford the $70,000 starting price? Rental car agency Hertz announced that it is adding the Tesla Model S to its Dream Fleet line of vehicles. For $500 a day, and $.49 cents per-mile after the first 75 miles, you can drive the same car that all the cool Silicon Valley kids want.

Alas, the Tesla will only be available for rent in Los Angeles and San Francisco at first, though Hertz has said that increased demand expand options to other cities. The Hertz Dream Cars are only available in major metro areas and include vehicles from Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Bentley among others, though this isn’t the first foray into EVs for the rental car agency. The Tesla Model S joins an elite company of supercars, while still being affordable enough for a prom night or big business meeting. A touch of class and a familiarity with the high-tech Tesla is a great way to break the ice.

Tesla reps told CNN that they’ve seen interest in using their electric sedans from other rental and livery services, like Portland, Oregon-based Tesla Tours that zips customers around wine country in the Model S. Tesla-based taxi services are also in the works in some cities, though states like Texas are making it difficult for the Model S to even be sold. It will be some time before Tesla livery services really gain traction away from the West Coast.

But for those of you in California looking to spend the day behind the wheel, now you have options. A little try-before-you-buy, or maybe just a day driving the world’s best electric car.

Source: CNN


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