Video: Diesel Drifter Destroys Tires Because Torque

teemu-drift-wagonIf you love power, torque, and diesel engines, then you’re going to love watching this European drift wagon burning rubber and getting sideways

Finnish drifter Teemu Peltoa has a very good reason for taking his Mercedes W128 drift wagon sideways in a spectacular fashion. He has crafted quite the reputation for himself by drifting one of the least likely vehicles to plenty of sideways successes. A member of the Black Swan Racing team, Peltoa is a working-class hero for his unique racing ride and style.

This is no stock Mercedes wagon, as the anemic stock turbodiesel is gone. In its place is a 600-horsepower, 3.0 liter Mercedes turbodiesel V6 with more than 700 ft-lbs of torque. Peltoa built the diesel drifter himself, further setting himself apart from the big-name sponsors on the racing circuit. See, Europe knows how to Get’R’Done with diesels, and I think it’s about time America follows suit. With diesel car sales on the rise and an increasing abundance of diesel engines to choose from, how long before America’s diesel fans has its own Teemu to cheer for?

And hey, while we’re at it, why not make it some homegrown biodiesel to boot? Who’s going to be the first biodiesel drifter in some off-beat ride to make it big in America? Why, it could be just about anybody…


Christopher DeMorro

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