Video: Tesla Model S Lapping Laguna Seca

tesla-lagunaEvery year electric car and motorcycle owners from around California converge on the Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca for the annual Re:Fuel event. Plenty of Tesla owners were on hand, and the electric automaker even brought along a high-performance Model S to make the video you’re about to watch.

While not the first Tesla-vs-Tesla race, it was an opportunity for Road and Model S owners to really pit their electric sports cars against each other. Unsurprisingly, Teslas took all the top speeds at the Refuel event, with all the way up to 18th place, showing just how far Tesla outpaces most of the competition.

The video takes us through a tour of Laguna Seca’s most famous corners, like the Andretti hairpin and the devious corkscrew. The Tesla Model S handled the corners with ease, with a best-of lap time of 1:48.917, which while not record breaking, falls within the realm of comparable sports cars. For comparison’s sake, the BMW 335i was just slightly slower than the Tesla, while a Camaro SS is about 3 seconds faster. For now.

As Tesla clarified, the brand is all about performance, not luxury, and its time at Laguna Seca certainly shows that.

 Source: Tesla Motors


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