Poll: What Green Car Should be Ben Affleck's New Batmobile?


Ben Affleck Batmobile

Ben Affleck is the new Batman. No matter how you feel about that decision, I think you’ll agree that the only chance Affleck has of filling Christian Bale’s colossal Bat-boots is to not even try. Don’t growl like a strep patient. Don’t hit on Anne Hathaway. Don’t crash a Lamborghini. Don’t drive the massive, 8-wheeled, paramilitary-styled, helicopter-engined Tumbler.

Affleck has to play a different Batman than Christian Bale’s über-dark Batman, and getting away from the Tumbler – arguably the real star of the latest Bat-trilogy – is a great way to start. So, it’s 2015. Batman is driving around Gotham City. What’s he driving? Here are a few green-gearhead options that would be perfect for a slimmer, sleeker, more polished Batman. You know, the kind of Batman who would be believable in “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl“.

Here’s my short list of contenders. Enjoy!


Batmobile Option 1: Nissan Deltawing

Deltawing Batmobile

Nissan’s matte-black version of the Deltawing racecar that ran at LeMans and the Petit LeMans last year positively screams “New Batmobile!” already, and it’s got a European panache that totally eluded the Tumbler. Where the Tumbler shouted “‘MURICA!” and bashed its way through police cruisers, the Deltawing is light, lithe, and blisteringly fast enough to simply go around them. Make it electric, and it would be whisper-quiet enough to fit some Bat-sonar equipment to.


Batmobile Option 2: Monster Tajima’s PPIHC Car

Monster Tajima EV

Monster Tajima’s electric Pike’s Peak Hillclimb car is brutally fast, durable enough to brave one of the world’s toughest rally courses, and has a slick, high-tech JDM quality to the styling that might fit a more “Metro” sort of Bruce Wayne. The best part? This big-winged new Batmobile contender comes in black!


Batmobile Option 3: Lola/Drayson LMP

Lola LMP

The Lola-chassis-equipped electric Drayson LMP cars have set track records at Goodwood and top speed records, to boot! They’re fast, nimble, quiet, look good in black, and promise to be oh-so expensive. The perfect thing for a new Batmobile.

What do you guys think? Think the “wow” factor of the Nissan outweighs the fact that the Drayson has a few hundred lb-of torque and a passenger seat? Think Monster Tajima’s Pike’s Peak ride has what it takes to be the new Batmobile? Did I get it 100% wrong? Let us know what you think in the poll, below, and feel free to tell me what the “right” answer is in the comments, at bottom.



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  • Neil Switzer

    Switzer Performance GTR – E1K-X. Produces 1300whp (1500HP) at the flywheel on E85 ethanol, and on regular gas it still makes 1000whp on 91 and 1100whp on 93.

  • Oh, man! Someone just sent me the Spada- can’t believe I forgot this one! (not that it is, in any way, “green”)


    • Scott Cooney

      AHHH! That would be sweeeeeeetttt!!

  • Wiggletoes

    Absolutely must be capable of driving to batman and back to batcave on command. Motor-in-wheels (100hp front wheels and maybe 150hp back wheels), with 150kW hydrogen fuel cell and a Tesla battery pack but just for driving around with bat girl; in short, the future StingRay (with auto tasers).

    • Isn’t Batgirl his niece? Is the Batcave in Kentucky now?

    • GaryR

      Umm, if you have a fuel cell you don’t need a battery pack. Better yet, keep the batteries and dump the fuel cell. Use sugar batteries.

  • B. Jerew

    Not the Bailey Blade EVR? http://www.greenoptimistic.com/2013/05/24/bailey-blade-evr/#.UjNNQsbUmJU
    Granted, it’s a prototype performance PHEV, but it’s pretty sexy.

  • Gary Rosati

    If you have not heard, GM got the job of building the new batmobile. This might seem trivial to some but I see it as a amazing opportunity to build something really incredible. After all the batmobile is supposed to be very epitome of technical advancement and slick coolness (term of art). So GM can really strut their stuff on this gig and make something truly memerable, particuarly when some earlier efforts were such utter failures.

    Personally I’d like to see a hybrid based on Voltech but with a micro turbine up-front as the range extender and a jet-afterburner set-up out the back. They should bring in Ron Patrick as a technical adviser. http://www.ronpatrickstuff.com/ They should use the windshield from the Aerovette concept car from the 70’s. It has a cool “V” shape, perfect for a Batmobile. The interior should be modeled after the steampunk/gothic interior of the Pagani Huayra:


    What say you?