Six Tesla Superchargers Open In Norway

tesla-norwayWhile one might not consider cold, oil-rich Norway to be an early adopter of electric vehicles, Tesla Motors knows that Norwegians love EVs. That’s why Tesla, which is starting to focus on overseas sales of the California-made Model S, has opened six Supercharger stations in the Scandinavian state. 90% of Norway now likes with 200 miles of a Tesla supercharger.

The charging stations are located in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, Cinderella and Lillehammer, and can deliver about 180 miles of range in just 20 minutes. A full charge of the 85 kWh model takes about an hour, making it by far the fastest charging method of EVs available, save for Tesla’s own battery-swapping technology. It’s the first step in a massive Supercharger installation plan that will eventually cover most of Europe.

So why Norway? Well even though Norway has lots of oil money, gas taxes are crazy high. But incentives for buying and driving electric vehicles are also very generous, including allowing the use of bus lanes for EV drivers. There are also no import taxes on electric cars, which helped Nissan Leaf sales surge in Norway. The Tesla Model S can definitely hold up to the cold Norwegian winters, though the optional cold-weather package should be all but mandatory.

EV sales have made up about 5% of overall new car sales in Norway in 2012, one of the highest EV adoption rates in the world. While the Tesla Model S is still very expensive in Europe, it also offers the best driving range of any EV on the market. For a country like Norway, that’s a big boon, and those six Tesla Superchargers will make the appeal of the Model S even stronger.

Source: Tesla Motors


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