Volkswagen XL1 To Be Priced At $145,000


vw-xl1-4Built as one of a series of fuel-efficient concepts, the Volkswagen XL1 Concept debuted with a 261 mpg rating and little hope for going into production. But demand and interest was so great that Volkswagen was all but forced to build a limited production run of the so-called “one-liter car”, and unofficial pricing info reveals a starting MSRP of around $145,000 in Germany.

Volkswagen has reportedly already built 50 of these uber-efficient automobiles, with another 200 planned for production. Demand is said to be remarkably high for such a pricey car, especially one without any real performance credentials. This is a fuel-sipper, through and through, using a 1.0 liter turbodiesel mated to a plug-in hybrid drivetrain to achieve up to 261 mpg on the U.S. standard.

But the real key to the Volkswagen XL1’s efficiency is its lightweight and efficient body. The XL1 uses staggered seating, a carbon fiber skin over  a magnesium frame, and boasts a drag coefficient of just 0.189 by eliminating things like sideview mirrors and replacing it with video cameras. These clever advances make the XL1 a wind tunnel dream.

Furthermore, the whole package only weighs around 1,750 pounds, which allows the 47 horsepower two-cylinder diesel and 27 horsepower electric motor to easily motivate this fuel-sipper. 0 to 60 mph takes around 12-seconds, and top speed is limited to 98 mph; while not blisteringly fast, it’s certainly livable. All-electric range is limited to just 31 miles, and on diesel aline Volkswagen claims the XL1 can go 120 miles on just a gallon of fuel.

Still, at $145,000, the XL1 isn’t exactly going to save money, though this counters the assertion that Volkswagen would only lease the XL1 rather than sell it. But even though Volkswagen may lose money on each XL1 it sells, the technology and boldness of bringing such a far-out concept to life really sets VW apart from other automakers. Could the next-generation of “supercars” be super-efficient rather than super-fast?

Source: Carscoops

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  • Markwbrooks

    After 22 months of driving my volt over 25,000 km I have burned 253 liters… Or 1.0 liters per 100 km.
    And a volt has more room , better performance and cost 1/4 the money.

    For once VW is the one that is late and coming up short …. Come on VW get it in gear!

    • chickeee

      that’s good, great even, but don’t forget to add your electric equivalent MPGe

      • EdselFord

        They never do add that in, its too hard to calculate.

        • egogg

          Your tinfoil hat is showing.

          • Hey hey HEY! Back off, man. Picking on Edsel is *MY* thing!!

            PS: you mailinator and you call someone ELSE tin hat? Takes one to know one, I guess.

            FYI: You’re practically begging for them to sell your info. and load you up with trojans. Plus they don’t mask your IP address.

          • egogg

            Good to know. Honestly, I forgot that I set up my disqus account with a mailinator address.

            As for calculating electrical usage in a serial-hybrid electrical drivetrain, the electricity is so cheap its neglected by lots of people. It’s not difficult to calculate, and for all of the cars on the market, you can find someone who’s run the numbers.


          • Well said.

        • Henry Ford

          I believe what Mr. Ed is trying to say is that the mpg numbers don’t reflect what the real world would return after running the car 31miles on battery alone then running the other 31miles on diesel. The European drive cycle is ran on 62 miles so it seems like someone is fudging the numbers to make them look good. Do the math, I know its difficult but it can be done.

          • EdselFord

            This engine is a 2 cylinder .8L turbo Diesel, not a 1.0L.

  • EdselFord

    Too many errors in this piece.

  • vargus secondu krautus

    I reckon it is a fantastic and brave move of VW in the right direction.

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