The Future Of Big Engines Is In Art Galleries

mercedes-v12-laraki-7Automakers are feeling the pressure to downsize their engine options in the pursuit of fewer emissions and better fuel economy. Jaguar has even gone so far as to say they might ditch big V8s altogether in the next decade. That leaves me wondering what will happen to the excess big engines the world, and artist Eric van Hove might have the answer; turn them into works of art.

The V12 Laraki is a big Mercedes V12 engine made entirely out of natural elements, from minerals like malachite to wood from the beaches of Morocco. van Hove contacted crafters from all over the world to recreate all 465 parts of the big Mercedes motor, as well as casting 660 some-odd bolts in copper to put the whole thing together.

While not functional, the engine has elements in it from just about every corner of the world. Mother of pearl, tiger eye, red copper, pink apricot wood, cotton, cork, goatskin, cow horn, silver, tin, recycled aluminum and cow bones are just a few of the many natural elements woven into this work of art. Hell, the connecting rods are made from wood and the pistons have legit fossils.

While I’ve seen fancy engines serve as the centerpiece of high-end homes, as well as coffee tables made from Chevy small-blocks, perhaps someday soon these big engines will be sold as ironic coffee tables for a new generation of hipsters. Perhaps art galleries will end up being the final bastion of the big engines that once dominated American roads.

I can think of worse retirements.

Source: This Is Colossal


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