This New 2014 Westfalia Camper isn't a Volkswagen


2014 Westfalia Ford Transit

Westfalia has just released some pictures of its new-for-2014 Westfalia camper van, and it isn’t a Volkswagen. It’s a diesel-powered Ford Transit van, and you can consider my mind thoroughly exploded.

For those of you not “in the know”, Westfalias are a thing. When you talk about Westfalia, though, most people immediately think of Volkswagen’s classic air-cooled Bus, fitted with a pop-up tent top, fold-down seats, a cooktop, and even a kitchen sink. It’s iconic, and not in the over-used “everything’s iconic” sort of way that everything’s “iconic” these days, you know? People actually had these things posted up on their walls. Like this:

1977 Westfalia Campervan

What most people don’t know is that Westfalia has a long history of converting European vans into campers. They exist in a sort of nebulous RV-classification zone that, in the US, makes them something more than a B class, and less than a C class RV. Some companies, like Airstream, call these models “Interstates” or “B+ vans”, and they seem to be doing a good job of driving sales of the Mercedes Sprinter vans on which they’re based.

The question, then, is whether or not a new, 2014 Westfalia will be making an appearance on American shores next year when Ford’s larger Transit van goes on sale with an innovative, high-mpg, 5-cylinder Ecoboost diesel. If it does, expect a new American-market Westfalia to cost something more than its $71,000 European cousin. You can check it out in the photo gallery, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Westfalia, via Jalopnik.

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  • Jason Carpp

    I remember the Volkswagen Westfalia. I used to know some people who had a 1978 Bus, and later had a 1985 Vanagon Westfalia. I was hoping that VW would return to that today. Sadly, that’s not the case. That being said, hopefully this new Ford based Westfalia will make it to the USA. I’d buy one with a turbo diesel engine.

    • That’s all you’ll get – a 5 cyl. turbodiesel.

      • Jason Carpp

        I’d go for that.

  • AaronD12

    This doesn’t bother me. VW rebranded the Chrysler Town and Country minivan for their own needs too. What does surprise me is that they didn’t lose the Ford corporate “face”. At least on the minivan, they put the VW corporate “face” on the vehicle.

    Edit: The picture is the Ford. Duh.

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  • john

    I think VW lost its way a long time ago (2001 when they abandoned the great van concept). With that said, slowly there is a trickle of great vans coming stateside from Europe (Transit-Connect) and Asia (NV200). I love the Ford van featured in this article. It looks like a new”Bus”. I hope its not priced like a Porche!!!!!!!

  • Jerry

    You might want to rename that first image, there is a company named Go Westy out there with a considerable following and web presence, they deal exclusively in VW’s.

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  • karinagw

    Eh. Now it’s just another camper van. Pretty with no personality.

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  • John Hughes

    This rig would be worth it if you use it and enjoy it.
    If the cost of motels averages $100 per night, then an $80,000 van could pay for itself after 800 nights? The campground also charges a fee, but there is also a residual value in the used camper. Again, if you want it and it is made of high quality, then go for it.