Video: The Nissan ZEOD RC And Its Carbon Fiber Tub

nissan-zeod-rc-tubNissan is aiming to build the world’s fastest electric car, with a goal of going 300 kph/186 mph. In order to achieve those kinds of speeds, Nissan needs to make their EV racer as light as possible. That all begins with the carbon fiber “tub”, where the human driver interfaces with millions of dollars of racing technology.

“ZEOD RC” stands for Zero Emissions On Demand Race Car, and while not the most fearsome name on the track, it does show Nissan’s dedication to electric car technology. The Japanese automaker thinks it can compete with other Le Mans-worthy competitors in 2014, borrowing heavily from the design of the DeltaWing for the zero-emissions racer.

Even more so than other race cars, the ZEOD RC needs to keep weight down, while still providing a durable safety cage for the driver. It also serves as the hub for all the other parts to be attached to, making it a key component to this electric race car. With Nissan GT Academy alumn  Lucas Ordóñez was tapped as the test driver, and Nissan has the goal of completing a Le Mans lap in under 4 minutes; that won’t be easy, but nothing worth doing rarely is.

As famous American race car builder Smokey Yunick was quoted as saying, if you aren’t innovating (or cheating) you aren’t winning. Electric motorsports will be a big part of the 21st century, and Nissan is situating itself as a leader in EV racing technology. Once this stuff catches on, it could be big advantage for Nissan, which remains stubbornly committed to EV technology. Bully.

Source: Nissan


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