Stylish Bicycle Panties Make Bike Commuting Painless (w/ video)


bicycle panties

Christiana Guzman is a fashion designer and avid cyclist, and has come up with a fantastic new product that she hopes will enable more women to enjoy bicycle commuting than ever before. They’re URBANIST Cycling’s Chamois Panties – stylish, good-looking undergarments that have a “biker shorts-style” foam insert sewn in for added comfort while riding.

Guzman’s Kickstarter “pitch” explains the “Bettie” and “Brigitte” bicycle panties by saying that “you can wear them under any pants, shorts, skirts, denim cutoffs, and even non-cycling specific work out clothes you already own. Urban cyclists and bike commuters can end up riding 20+ miles on any given day. Obviously, spandex is not appropriate day-wear in the city, and ‘jorts’ are certainly not comfy long term on a saddle. Ouch! That’s precisely where Chamois Panties come into play.”

These URBANIST Cycling bicycle panties seem to go a long way towards making urban cycling easier and more comfortable on sensitive lady bits, and might be just the thing to encourage a number of women to take a chance on urban bike rentals, or pick up their own sexy two-wheeler and take another car off the road! If they’re at all comfortable sitting at a desk during a 9-5, I’m sure Christiana won’t have any trouble reaching her Kickstarter’s $25,000 goal. As of this writing, she’s more than half-way there, already!


You can take a look at Christiana’s innovative bicycle panties at the URBANIST’s campaign page by following the link at the end of the article. You might even get to pick up a pair for the two-wheeled women in your life. Enjoy!


Urbanist Biker Panties

Urbanist Biker Panties

Urbanist Biker Panties

Urbanist Bicycle Panties

Urbanist Bicycle Panties

Urbanist Bicycle Panties

Source | Photos: URBANIST, via Kickstarter.

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  • Phil G

    Unfortunately, I don’t know any female cyclists where I live that have the goods to wear these. 🙁

    • Interesting

      Hips? That’s pretty much all that’s required to wear these. They are underwear.

  • susannaschick

    I knew Jo Borras would be allll over this! I hope enough people contribute, I really want my Brigitte britches!