New Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon To Get 4-Cylinder Diesel


chevy-colorado-dieselDiesel-powered vehicles have gained a lot of U.S. sales momentum in 2013, and the number of available diesel models from automakers is set to double next year. Joining GM’s lineup are all-new mid-size pickups, the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, both of which are in line to get small four-cylinder diesel engines a year after their 2014 launch.

This is great news following the disappointment of Nissan’s decision to fit the Titan full-size pickup with a 5.0 liter diesel V8, rather than the 2.8 liter four-banger it was working on with Cummins. While Chrysler will offer a 3.0 liter EcoDiesel V6 in the Ram 1500 pickup, with the death of the Dodge Dakota and Ford Ranger, America has lacked a small-truck option.

That leaves the market wide open for GM and its global mid-size pickup architecture, which in every other country is powered by either a 2.5 liter or 2.8 liter Duramax diesel engine. A four-cylinder diesel engine offers buyers better fuel economy and plenty of torque for 99% of jobs the average American DIYer needs to do. The larger 2.8 liter diesel offers 180 horsepower and 346 ft-lbs of torque when mated to a six-speed automatic, and could be good for up to 30 mpg. That’s what I’m talking about.

With executives refusing to bring the global Ford Ranger to the American market, and Chrysler largely ignoring the mid-size truck market, only the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are left to fight for very few buyers. Ford doesn’t even think Americans will buy diesels. Fewer buyers were fighting for fewer products, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts, and the mid-size truck market is all but dead and buried.

Yet a small diesel engine that offers professional-grade torque with car-like fuel economy would doubtlessly lure full-size truck buyers from other brands into GM showrooms, something GM is banking on. Maybe it will serve as a wakeup call to other automakers too that small diesel pickups are the way to go. It’s definitely on my “do-want” list, and I even have a few years to start saving my pennies.

 Source: Automotive News

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  • GAAAH!! I could have broken this story 2 weeks ago. CURSE YOU RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM!!!

  • UncleB

    Yes but: Will the wily ole oil plutocrats take up the profits by raising Diesel at the pumps across America by a few notches – as they have done before -and still demand American Cannon fodder for their plundering of far-off-is-tan’s oil riches, demand American rubber wheeled fossil fuelled transportation systems, keep America’s military Machines addicted to Oil, steal patent rights to all electric storage system they can, hide super-insulations away in American patent Hell? Have you ever seen the documentary ‘Who Stole The Electric Car”? free in places on this very net! The only way diesels can become popular in America: if their 40% higher thermal efficiencies are made public, not disputed or suppressed, and the cost for refining old fashions additive free diesel were published! Oh the screwing we are so taking!

  • Fred

    Hmmm…3L half ton (Dodge) expected to get 30mpg…other than it’s a Chevy/GM how desirable is a smaller truck still, with similar mpg again, when for almost the same price you can get the full size?
    The 2.5 should be sufficient–2.8 optional.
    Just my $.02 since I’ve been driving a Silverado for over a decade because the difference in mpg is such a narrow margin.

    • Jo Borras

      A half ton won’t fit in my garage. For me, that’s enough of a difference!

    • curly4

      It would be great if GM would add a diesel to the half ton Silverado line? At this time it is not in the plans that I have heard of.

  • EdselFord

    I think Ford will offer a diesel, just not in the 1/2 ton class.

    • curly4

      The diesel is already available in the F 350 (3/4 T) and larger but not in the F 150 (1/2 T) and smaller.

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  • Jason Carpp

    I’d buy a Chevy Colorado if it were available with a diesel engine. Whether we want to admit it, we need that option. Car makers need to expand their engine options if they want to attract more customers. Whoever offers the diesel engine, I only hope it’s made in the USA or Canada. Both countries need the income.

  • It must be that when you’re a marketer, paid 6 figures, and you wear a suit, your IQ drops 50 points. I mean, it’s so obvious that a medium size pickup with a small diesel engine is whats needed and wanted. Is anyone in Detroit awake?

    • HA! Well said. I’ve long believed that the only way to become a high-powered Detroit executive is to have the same last name as a car and an IQ well under 80.


  • Rod

    This is great news. I think the new Colorado and its four cylinder diesel engine will perform extremely well. I also believe it will be one of the best trucks in the near future.



  • UncleB

    Awaiting the Corpocracies demand for 1/3 more cargo space per truck with Asian styled COE designs? Fuel prices on the rise as we speak?

  • Guest

    Well…..someone finally listened about a small diesel pickup. GM, make it capable of towing 7-8k and don’t make it hideous looking and you’ll have my sell. Make it 400k+ reliable with proper maintenance and a 4×4 that gets around 25mpg combined and you’ll have a returning customer. Or, I’ll go back to my 4cyl. Taco’s for commuting and my Silverado’s for towing. Both proven reliable with my last Taco giving 360k trouble free miles. GM, if you build it, they will come. If you build it right, they will come back.

  • Victor Carter

    I’ll buy anything EXCEPT a Government motors truck when it gets 30 plus MPG…..millions of other people want the same thing. Question is….who is getting paid NOT to make a small diesel truck that gets great gas milage?

  • Dude

    I am currently looking to replace my ’96 2WD 4 cylinder Nissan pickup. Every new truck I look at gets crap for milage. I dont need or want a V6 and even the 4 cylinder truck dont do great on gas. I want to upgrade to 4WD too which drops milage more. Im going to buy a new Subaru Impreza and keep my old Nissan. The Impreza gets awesome milage for 4WD. If a small 4WD truck comes along that gets good milage and reviews, I will buy it. Sure gas prices have come down a bunch but they will go back up a bunch eventually and $3.35 a gallon still sucks.

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