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Published on August 28th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

Recycled Hawtness: DIY NASCAR Chevelle May Be the Best Car Ever

August 28th, 2013 by  

nascar chevelle build

Gas 2’s Recycled Hawtness series is all about people who looked at a junky old clunker and saw something awesome. For a while, it looked like the Singer Porsches would be the all-time resto-mod champions, and their recent turn on TopGear and the addition of my old friend, Max “Ponyboy” Archer, to their staff didn’t hurt that assessment. Then I found DScott’s DIY NASCAR Chevelle, and my world changed.

Mr. Scott started this build a few years ago, when he found himself in possession of both a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and a 1999 NASCAR Chevy Monte Carlo stock car. Faced with an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, Scott did what any red-blooded gearhead would assure you was the only thing he could do: he mashed them together to create a street-legal, Chevelle-bodied, Winston Cup racecaARRRR-RR-R!! Sorry. That was involuntary.

Here’s what Mr. Scott started with …

… and here are the steps our man took …

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

DIY Nascar Chevelle

… to end up with this.

DIY Nascar Chevelle

Not bad, I think, for what had amounted to a few thousand pounds of scrap and pig iron just a few months before – and, while the engine itself might not be especially green, at least Scott didn’t burn up all the resources needed to mine ore, transport it, refine it, ship it again, shape it, mold it, and form it into … what do people buy these days? Right. F-series Ford pickups and Nissan Leafs. Fine vehicles, I’m sure, but I’d rather have me a NASCAR Chevelle.

What about you, dear readers? Does this street-legal NASCAR Chevelle do it for you? Would you, like me, rather have a proper Days of Thunder Lumina, or are you a Ford guy, like Demorro? Let us know in the comments, below.


Sources | Photos: DScott, via Corner Carvers and Build Threads.

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  • EdselFord

    They should run it on ethanol. Ethanol is the BEST fuel to run in these cars. Ethanol won’t hurt the engine at all never ever ever EVER. Ethanol rules and don’t worry about the “Dead Zone” in the Gulf of Mexico (its the size of New Jersey) caused by fertilizer runoff from corn production.

    • You said it, man! In the years we’ve been running ethanol on the GTRs and Porsches, we haven’t had a single failure – but, to be fair, we know what we’re doing while guys like you … well, there’s a reason you’re not a mechanic, right?

      As for the dead zone, if we could only find a way to harvest all that runoff to, I dunno, feed algae and turn its waste into biodiesel … oh, wait! That’s a thing that we can do!! And all the fish die-offs in the gulf probably have nothing to do with all the oil running into it, right? MUST be the corn production, which has held at steady levels since the 1950s.

      You’re so clever!

      Oh, wait – I spelled “nuts” wrong.

      :: KISSIIES!! ::

      • EdselFord

        Thanks for the complement, I am clever unlike. …..You see what I did there. KISSIIES on my nuts.

        • As soon as they drop I’ll be all over ’em, sweet cheeks. 😉

  • D Scott

    Thanks for the props on my car. The engine is a 434 and makes 700hp on pump gas. D

    • WHOA! Glad you found us – tried to reach you through the forum but still waiting for the mods to approve me. If you have new/fresh pics, we’d love to run ’em! AWESOME JOB!!

  • ricky bobby

    car styling at its peak. to bad cars today are an appliance like a toaster or a microwave.

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