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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás

Texas is Fracked: More than 30 Towns Will be Out of Water due to Fracking

August 16th, 2013 by  

Texas Fracking

More than 30 towns in West Texas will soon be out of water as a direct result of diverting their underground water supplies for use in hydraulic fracking. Largely unregulated fracking, it should be said. Largely unregulated fracking that is definitely putting arsenic into the ground it happens to be drying out. Before you start acting horrified, though, consider: this is exactly what Texas’ mental-midget teabillies voted for.

Please, let me be the first to say it.

Ha-ha!  Texas is stupid!

Despite the vast consensus of climate scientists, the highly publicized destructive effects of fracking on water supplies, fracking’s seismic impact, and the evidence of their own senses, the mentally deficient residents of Texas keep electing politicians who believe climate change is a myth, and who think the best course of action to address Texas’ crippling drought is several days of organized prayer. Really.

Maybe Rick Perry and the idiots that voted him back into office will be able to pray in some new drinking water while the non-stupid people of Texas pray for a governor with a triple-digit IQ. While you’re waiting to see how that works out for the citizens of West Texas, take some time to watch this interview with Antonia Juhasz, an oil and energy analyst, author, and journalist.

Fair warning, though: if you live in Texas, you probably won’t enjoy it.


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  • susannaschick

    this is so depressing! I LOVE West Texas. It’s where Marfa is. I love Marfa. I really hope Superman can save them. Or something.

    • Jo Borras

      West Texas will still be fine … it’s just all the people there will die or pay Nestle’s water ransom, is all.

  • AaronD12

    As a Texan, this embarrasses and sickens me. My single, pitiful vote wasn’t enough to get Rick Perry out of office. Fortunately he’s not running for a fourth term.

  • topkill

    Unfortunately, it will take an event of disastrous proportions before anyone will really wake up and stop this. As long as a few are getting REALLY, REALLY rich off things like this and keep greasing the right palms, this keeps happening and everyone else will suffer.
    But once we have a “Love Canal” type moment or even worse, then they’ll finally start to put a stop to this. Until then, the rest of the morons keep ignoring it because “ah hell, it don’t affect me none and them thar damn tree huggers just want to take our jobs!”

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  • wilhelb

    Grow the F$#@# Up! Jo and maybe you should get your own 2 digit IQ checked out .

    • Jo Borras

      I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys r Us kid! You must be … What? Too old to learn anything new?

      • EdselFord

        Oh stop it, everyone knows Jo’s IQ is in the single digits.

        • Jo Borras

          Just like your shoe size. (See what I did there?)

          • EdselFord

            Clean yourself up Jo.

    • topkill

      So whiney bitch, tell us exactly why Jo is wrong. Or do you just think that telling him you don’t like his opinions makes him wrong? LOL. Talk about moronic. At least pretend to have the intelligence to address the subject if you have a different point of view.

      • Jo Borras

        To be fair, I’m not the one saying 30 towns will run out of water – I’m the one reporting that an expert believes this, and I believe her.

        That said, “grow up” fails to refute anything.

        • EdselFord

          You aren’t reporting, you are a copy and paste wannabe journalist. You see what I did.

      • wilhelb

        It is not the subject or his opinion that bothers me but his juvenile & unintelligent (investigative?) journalism I have a problem with.
        I BELIEVE I BELIEVE! because some chick expert says so… come on now.

        • Jo Borras

          So now you’re stupid, crazy, plus sexist? Not doing yourself any favors, buddy. Luckily, no one was expecting you to say anything intelligent, or you’d have really let us all down.

          • wilhelb

            I apologize ….I inferred that you were a journalist.

          • I’m sorry, I inferred someone cared about your opinion. Please go read someone else’s blog.

  • UncleB

    Deep sorrow for my American neighbours now. Strong minded, short sighted Un-Christian views? Mass lead poisoning? I give you now my favourite cut and paste from somewhere on the web.
    “Had the $4 Trillions+ spent on Iraq, been spent even only on conventional Solar/Thermal development of South Western U.S.A. – Today, Americans would receive a huge ROI ( “Return On Investment”) in cheap electricity, in place of horrendous tax rates to service unpardonable war debt to China. Americans would be gainfully working, using this renewable, perpetual, eternal, clean, radiation free, radioactive waste free, domestic, electricity source – to compete in world markets with well priced products, to irrigate dry lands, to heat and cool homes, and much less foreign oil would have be imported, fewer “Parasite Nations” supported. This is the lost “opportunity cost” for having Saddam’s scrotum on the Bushes mantlepiece? Shiite eh!”
    P.S., (Oil, gas, wells do go dry, not really sourced from an eternal pipe up &Allah’s-ass, as some believe – But, the Sun never stops
    shining, Wind blows forever)
    Please see the following video describing China’s solutions to their energy needs in the future. Kun Chen from Chinese Academy of Sciences on China Thorium

    • topkill

      Geez, now I know that hell is freezing over….I’m agreeing with Uncle B on one of his anit-American rants. But everything he said is true.

      • Jo Borras

        I know, right!? He’s a grade-A Mr. Peanut look-alike nutter butters, but he makes sense sometimes! You can’t dismiss Uncle B!!!

        • Hugh Everett

          The “Real News Network” video was a bunch of propaganda bullshit, but Antonia Juhasz was able to get one point correct: Oil and gas production from fracking is enormous and going global, and it is directly and indirectly creating millions of American jobs and trillions of dollars of American wealth. There is so much on the table in terms of money and jobs that there’s simply no way the Obama Administration can touch fracking.

          On the subject of water requirements for fracking, what Antonia didn’t say (because she doesn’t know anything about drilling) is that the water used comes from recycled brine, and now the industry is moving to closed loop mud systems to recycle the brine in the rig.

          So the next time you hear an environmentalist like Antonia prattle on about oil production, just know that you’re being lied to for political purposes: Fracking is rapidly expanding worldwide. It’s no more dangerous than conventional drilling. There is nothing environmentalists can do to stop it. It will make the U.S. energy self-sufficient for more than a century. Propagandists like Antonia are being funded by OPEC nations because they will lose the most from fracking.
          (Let’s see how long before this post gets deleted.)

          • Richard Davis

            Nothing but happy talk.
            Fracking, plus Keystone pipeline phase II are all about a handful of gas and oil companies and investors making a killing by exporting North American energy reserves to China.
            Gas companies currently have 17 requests pending administration approval to build LNG compression facilities – 2 have already been approved. These will take NG from the domestic pipeline supply, convert to liquid form and sell it to China where it currently gets 3-5x the price it gets here. Guess what happens to the price here then.

            XL pipeline phase I is already delivering tar sands oil to NE and IL refineries. Phase II would pipe it to the Gulf, putting US refineries in the Midwest in direct price competition with China for the resource.

            The “drill here, drill now, pay less” folks would be outraged if they were capable of understanding what’s happening.

          • Hugh Everett

            Barack Obama has become a full on frack monster. It’s the only part of his economy that is working.

          • Richard Davis

            That he is, although I’d argue about the contribution fracking has to the overall economy. Just a few lucky investors with no qualms about raping the environment to become even more rich at the expense of most of the American public.

            Fact is, smaller start-up gas companies involved in fracking are losing their shirts @NG going at the present low prices – there’s a lot of consolidation going on, see trade articles – and this will continue until they can liberate the gas to sell overseas.

            Many utilities and factories have switched to NG in the last few years because of the very low prices compared to coal and oil. The NG producing companies are presently constrained by how much gets drawn out of the other end of the pipeline. That’s all going to change however when the LNG tankers start carting off the liquified stuff to Asia. There appears to be little resistance to approval of all of the LNG permits pending. Americans will end up with the worst of all possible scenarios: much higher prices for NG and electricity, loss of North American energy reserves to Asia so that a few can reap big profits, and the Chimera of the right, continued “dependence” on foreign oil.

          • shecky vegas

            Hugh, Richard – How much are the Koch Brothers paying you to circle jerk each other on this post?
            Just wondering…

          • Jo Borras

            People like him are just happy someone’s touching their wang.

          • Richard Davis

            Shecky – I’m just about as opposite to the Koch Bros. as anyone can be. How did you misread what I posted to come to that conclusion?

            Let me summarize: Fracking and the XL pipeline phase II are all about shipping off American energy reserves to Asia for the benefit of guys just like the Koch brothers, screwing over the rest of us in the process.

          • shecky vegas

            Richard – my apologies to you. apparently, speed reading doesn’t help in these boards. i can see better now what your position is. again, sorry.
            oh, and sorry for taking so long to apologize. i was “out of town” as it were.

          • Richard Davis

            Thanks for getting back, Shecky! Apology very much appreciated. I knew you must have glossed over what I wrote.

            As if I haven’t done that a time or two in the past!

          • Jo Borras

            It’s not the ONLY part, but yeah – it’s pretty bad.

          • Jo Borras

            If we deleted posts we disagreed with, we’d only have like, 3. That said, the industry is talking about closed loop, and lobbying against regulations and oversight at the same time. THAT seems more like propaganda and misdirection than this does.

    • EdselFord

      Its unfortunate that we in the US would rather save some lizard or prairie dog in the desert than installing solar panels that would destroy an ecosystem.

  • EdselFord

    Definitely putting arsenic into the ground???? Whaaattt!!

    • Jo Borras

      They are definitely putting arsenic into the ground. See the link.

      • EdselFord

        Were did the arsenic come? Maybe from the production of lithium batteries, you know for electric cars. Sad, so sad.

  • EdselFord

    • Jo Borras

      Dammit, you’re still terrible – but you make me laugh! OMG, are you Frankie!?? Just kididng – I can see your email and IP address, I know you’re not her. Too bad, if she was that witty we might still be together. *le sigh*

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    Kindly LIST the 30 Texas towns. I’m quite ready to believe this, but WHEN YOU PULL A WORLD NUT DAILY AND WIGGLE A WORM WITHOUT PROVIDING THE MEAT BEHIND IT, then you’re no better than those lying trolls. Since you made a count, LIST THE TOWNS, DAMMIT!

    • Jo Borras

      I agree … I think, though, you misunderstand that I’m not the one counting, and now the video is down. Hmph.

    • Michael Foster This piece from The Guardian is legitimate journalism. I don’t know about the 30 names. I grew up in Texas, scrub brush suburbs and refineries. A hard place. Good people. We need to show them as much compassion as we can muster and get started, make drastic changes, stop waiting for someone else to fix this for us.

      It’s only us. We’re the only ones who are going to stop this. I’m doing the very best I can every day. And it turns out that’s a lot. How about you?

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  • WebAntOnYouTube

    so,why did that video go private? was the guy in the video discredited? what is the deal?

    • Jo Borras

      It was a woman, and I have no idea. Just noticed that now.

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  • Jo Borras

    I feel like this belongs here, also.

    • Jo Borras

      That mullet has SOUL!

  • Jean G

    I wish that you would report this terrible news without calling names like a 12 yr old, you take away from the seriousness of this subject and give the republicans a reason to not listen and at least try to understand. Instead of calling names, report the truth, that is what will influence people

    • They’re not listening, anyway. The only things the current crop of GOP bastards understands are money and violence and – every once in a while – that someone might find out they’re repressing homosexual fantasies.

  • NWB

    My family has been residents of Texas for five generations, and it is no fun being a progressive in Teabagistan. We are currently considering relocation.

    • LOL @ Teabagistan! Good luck on the relocation, amigo. Just remember: pretty much anywhere is better … except, possibly, North Carolina.

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  • Roshan N

    This article has more insults then it has facts. Though it may or may not be true you can’t create a conclusion from an article like this. Sure support your pre-existing notion of fracking but does this article hold any ground in any hard evidence?

    “Largely unregulated fracking, it should be said.” really? then why wasn’t it said? it should have been right?

    “More than 30 towns in West Texas will soon be out of water as a direct result of diverting their underground water supplies for use in hydraulic fracking.” what’s soon? soon in terms of life of earth? next generation of humans? few years? few months? Is underground water supply the only place these towns get their water from?

    sure lets focus on insults and name calling then actual news reporting and fact checking? why do you even bother making your views static from articles such as this garbage?

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