Video: Tesla Model S Commercial “Recharge”


rechargeElon Musk is writing his own playbook when it comes to Tesla Motors, foregoing things like press cars, dealership models, and traditional advertising venues. Tesla has so far relied largely on word-of-mouth to advertise the Model S, and fan-made commercials like “Recharge” have filled the void in its absence.

At just a smidge over 30-seconds long, “Recharge” doesn’t have a lot of time to tell you what the Tesla Model S is. So rather than launch into a boring triade about Superchargers and maximum range, the commercial instead talks about new ways to retreat, recharge, and reconnect with nature as it were. It’s well-shot, properly edited, and full of the feel-good-about-your-expensive-purchase pandering the green movement is known for. Nothing says “relatable” like a bunch of rich white people dancing around a fire in a desert near their $70,000+ electric car.

Perhaps that is why Tesla has stayed away from advertising? While some commercials, like “Gallons of Light”, really explore the fundamental differences between electric and conventional cars in an engaging manner, “Recharge” ends on a  more self-centered note. I’m not sure how many Tesla owners bought their Model S because they thought they were changing/saving the world, but I bet it’s greater than one.

Anyways, watch the commercial and leave us your notes in the comments below.

Tesla “Recharge” from Über Content on Vimeo.

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  • egogg

    I won’t rant on this too much: Cars aren’t causing the vast majority of our environmental problems. Overpopulation, and hence over consumption, is the root. It’s just that we like to give ourselves warm fuzzy feelings that we’re making a difference when we shut off the water while brushing our teeth. This “commercial” is a warm fuzzy feeling writ large.

    Want to make a difference? Lobby for killing oil/gas subsidies, an end to coal power, and government enticements to skip having kids until after college (or not at all).

    Alt. fuel will be viable when the playing field is level (the environmental and cleanup costs are added into fossil fuels up front). Yes, that means $10/gal unleaded.

  • Markwbrooks

    Humm… well it is nicely done, but maybe a factoid, like the tesla can go further on the energy used to create a gallon of oil sands based gasoline that most other cars can go on the gasoline would have been nice… Its sad that facts don’t count as much as image.

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