Toyota Hybrid-R Concept Could Be A 400-Horsepower Yaris…?

hybrid-r-1At next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota will roll out a new performance concept called the Hybrid-R. The latest teaser reveals that the concept will have around 400 horsepower and be based on a current production model. And judging from the teaser shot, that model is probably a…Yaris.

We’ll get back to that Yaris part in a bit. The concept will supposedly use technology borrowed from Toyota’s Le Mans competitor, the TS030, and rumor has it the hybrid drivetrain will have upwards of 400 horsepower. That would certainly make it one of the more powerful hybrids available to consumers, and the performance level can be adjusted to either the street or the track.

And a lighter version reveals...more Yaris.
And a lighter version reveals…more Yaris.

But is it really based on the Yaris? Judging from the limited teaser shot, it’s hard to disagree with that assertion; at the very least, it will have Yaris-like headlights. To us that means it is likely to be a concept-only, a demonstration piece not intended for mass production. That is admittedly a letdown, as we had our hopes pinned on a hybrid GT86 or a turbo-hybrid Supra.

Still, I’m happy to see Toyota pushing out more daring concept cars…even if it is based on the Yaris.


Christopher DeMorro

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