EU Drafts Bill to Eliminate CHAdeMO Electric Car Chargers by 2018


Standard Car Chargers

Despite having more 2500 charging stations on-line for active duty, it looks like CHAdeMO electric car chargers are on their way out. That is, if the rumors currently circulating about the EU’s parliamentary proceedings in re. electric cars are to be believed. The CHAdeMO Association, for what it’s worth, is taking these rumors very seriously, and issued the following statement:

The European Parliament prepares a draft that suggests to terminate CHAdeMO in Europe at the end of 2018, because “the Combo technology is not fully ready at the moment and as there are more than 650 CHAdeMO chargers already installed in Europe, with more than 1,000 to be deployed by the end of 2013 (Amendment 70 on Page 45).” CHAdeMO Association is very surprised to learn of this suggestion.

The CHAdeMO standard, according to the EU motion, is to be phased out by 2018 in favor of the SAE’s proposed “standard”, the CSS charger. On the CSS’ “pro” column are the blessings of BMW/Mini, GM, Ford, and other automakers. For now, though, the CCS does not exist in Europe, and Mark Kane from Inside EVs points out that the most popular EV on the market, Nissan’s LEAF, uses CHAdeMO. “Will it be wise to force the adoption of a standard that’s only found on a few upcoming, lower volume vehicles like the BMW i3 or VW e-up?” he asks.

Despite the fact that Kane didn’t ask me, I’ll answer: absolutely!

As someone who remembers the horror of the early Firewire connectors, Apple’s proprietary “ADC” monitor ports, and other printer-based plug nonsense, let me assure you that life is better on USB … and life, for EV owners, will be better with standard electric car chargers. If anther standard has to die to make room for the one that would be king, then so be it.


Sources | Photos: Inside EVs, via Motorpasion, Green Car Reports.

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  • Mark Benjamin David

    omg, that thing is grotesquely huge, it’s not available in the US yet, either, right now GM is trying to tell us it will give their Chevy Spark EV a quick charge, yet it takes 7 hours on 240 volt at home, and this new standard you write about won’t be available at home, so that’s the fastest it’ll charge. I’m so tired of the big carmakers making these awful standards that only slow things down, benefit them and big oil, not us, the consumer. Too many damn standards. I wish everyone would just license Tesla’s standard, but, I know that won’t happen. At the very least, make it something manageable, and not so damn ef/n grotesquely humungous. Damn the US for not following, only having to be a leader…the EU/UK have a few things we should adopt, but they won’t just because the EU/UK has already done it…ef US pride. (I am a US citizen, BTW.) CHAdeMO is already in place, but, far be it for carmakers to let Nissan lead in anything. Ugh. So much bunk. Why can’t they think of us consumers instead of what’s best for them????!!!! We are the ones buying and using these, we should have some say. …I’ll repeat myself, at least Tesla made something that works and looks nice both…in this day and age, we can do this, it doesn’t have to look like a damn ef/n gas nozzle (that’s what this “CSS” ugliness looks like. ef ’em). Ok, I said it, I’m done, you all can go back to your mediocrity now.

    • Bubba Nicholson

      Let Freedom Reign. We just got into electric cars, after all. Should we all have standardized on the EV1’s paddle? It costs us to insist upon a single standard, perhaps more than a single standard would save. Tesla should have every right to utilize it’s own standard, too, and let the market decide. There is plenty of time for government fiat later.

      • gmoney

        Elon Musk will own the world and the EVsphere in 2018. Tesla SuperCharger baby!!! LOL

      • Mark Benjamin David

        I don’t want to be stuck having to lug around that humongous piece of garbage connector, just because it was easier to make (they added another 2 big prongs to the J1772 plug…virtually two plugs in one). (Also: what the pic here doesn’t show is actual size…the one on the right is much larger than the one on the left.)

        • Rif

          > (Also: what the pic here doesn’t show is actual size…the one on the right is much larger than the one on the left.)

          No. The Chademo is huge, the VDE-CCS plug is rather compact.

          • Mark Benjamin David

            ok, I will check this out again (I thought when I first read about this one that it was bigger, but, haven’t seen either one yet.) I still think Tesla has the best one, wish that could be the standard, but, looks like we will have a few standards for a while, which just sucks for us consumers. I am a future EV buyer and plan to convert my current ICE car to BEV.

  • EdselFord

    What does the acronym CHOaDJo mean?

    • EdselFord

      Sorry misspelled CHAdeMo.

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