Video: Reboot Buggy Brings The Automobile Back To Basics

rebootAutomakers don’t get nearly enough credit considering how far cars have come in the past 20 years. Besides being far safer and more powerful, cars are also crammed full of all sorts of technological doodads designed to coddle already-spoiled consumers. But the Reboot Buggy does away with all that fluff and gets back to basics with a bare-bones box-on-wheels that espouses the less-is-more mindset.

I’ll admit that the 470 horsepower 383 cubic-inch V8 that powers the Reboot Buggy seems a bit excessive (even if it sounds absolutely delicious). However, the concept of simplicity and minimalism in an automobile still trumps the poor fuel economy. With seating for two in an open-roof box, a 10,000 pound winch, and a Jeep-like long-traveling suspension, the Reboot Buggy is designed to go anywhere and do anything in the simplest manner possible.

Turns out that designer Joey Ruiter is a man after our own hearts, saying;

I’ve personally becoming more and more frustrated with new automobiles. The fluff, the marketing, the gadgets, the nicknacks, and the do-dads are overwhelming. I want to go back to the drive. When the drive was enough. We’ve layered and layered until I saw a cover for a cover under a hood covered in paint with a cover to protect the paint? … Seems silly to describe but that is a true statement. It’s just all gotten out of control.

I have often wondered aloud if America would accept an uber-cheap, barebones automobile that does away with all the fluff and nonsense carmakers have crammed into today’s vehicles. Would a car like the Tata Nano find a following? Or have Americans as a whole come to expect too much out of cars to go backwards, as Ruiter suggests?

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Source: J. Ruiter via Autoblog


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