Video: 60 Seconds Of the Acura NSX Hybrid Supercar In Action

acura-nsx-concept-debutI can’t get enough of the Acura NSX Hybrid. It’s a street car, that sounds like a race car, that also happens to be a hybrid. How can you not love that? Regardless of your feelings for the Acura brand, this is a car you just can’t ignore. Let’s get the week started off right with a full minute of NSX action at the Mid-Ohio race track.

Powered by a Formula One-sourced V6 engine mated to three electric motors, the Acura NSX is the revival of a Honda cult classic that showed up on the market over 20 years ago. Even today the original NSX still performs on a level far above most performance cars. With a hybrid drivetrain that can take advantage of the instant torque available from electric motors, the new NSX stands to raise the bar of performance yet again.

Production of the new Acura NSX won’t begin until 2015 at a special facility in Ohio, though it did make its on-course debut this weekend ahead of the Indy 200 IndyCar race. While it will probably be priced between $120,000 and $200,000, it is still a car for Honda and hybrid fanboys to get excited about after years without a legit sports car in the U.S. lineup. That said, the use of Vine and Instagram to tease fans is a questionable marketing tactic…and do we really need to start covering concept cars in hashtags? Ugh.

Critiques of marketing strategy aside, it’s a long overdue project from Honda, and one they need to go right. From the sounds of it though, they’re on the right track with the new Acura NSX.


Christopher DeMorro

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