Electric Car Sales Up 530% Over 2012


Electric Car Sales

They may not be the 1% of overall sales that the government wants to see, but there is denying that electric cars are starting reach the mainstream. Year over year sales for elctric cars were up 530% in July, and while some of that can be attributed to new players in the market, Nissan and Mitsubishi’s EVs (out for more than a year) showed significant gains, while the Chevy Volt was down nearly 10% as “Pure EV” enthusiasts flocked to the Spark.

You can get all the gory details on the recent surge in electric car sales in the original article, below, which originally appeared on Cleantechnica and EV Obsession


All Green For Green Electric Vehicles (+ 530% Increase In EV Sales) (via Clean Technica)

Here’s the exciting monthly EV & hybrid sales update from EV Obsession. Enjoy! The numbers are in for “mass-market” 100% electric vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), and conventional hybrid electric vehicle sales. Well, the numbers…

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  • EdselFord

    Leave it to Jo to exaggerate the numbers. July to July up only 52.28%

    • jeffhre

      If you could place a few references and we could see the numbers you are talking about, it would be great.

      • Jo Borras

        He’s got no references. He can’t do math.

        • EdselFord

          I think he is talking about you, Jo or he can’t read the chart you posted.

          • Jo Borras

            LOL! He may be! Not a lot of specific pronouns there … that said, he hit “Reply” to your post.

  • EdselFord

    Sorry Jo, you were not wrong on this one, still biased none the less

    • Jo Borras

      Only a jackass like you could call a straight report of sales figures “biased”. Whatever you’re on, please send some over.

      You’re still my favorite, tho. Xoxo

  • Mark Goldes

    To the surprise of almost everyone, future electric cars will have unlimited range and will not need to plug in.

    They will be mobile power plants, able to sell electricity to the utility when suitably parked. No wires needed.

    Cars and trucks may be able to pay for themselves.

    Impossible? See http://www.aesopinstitute.org Make the “impossible” possible.

    See MOVING BEYOND OIL on the same site for a few examples of revolutionary technologies that may make cars into power plants

    • Jo Borras

      I like that!

      • Keyto Clearskies

        “For over 20 years Mark Goldes has claimed his company MPI has been developing machines that generate energy for free. In over 20 years his company has not presented one shred of evidence that they can build such machines…

        “For the past five years Mark Goldes has been promising generators ‘next year.’ He has never delivered. Like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ there will always be jam tomorrow, but never jam today.

        – Penny Gruber, December 2008


        – Penny Gruber’s comment was written almost five years ago – but it’s just as true today – except that MPI, Goldes’ corporation that he claimed would bring in one billion dollars in revenue from his imaginary generator in 2012, is now defunct, having never produced any “Magnetic Power Modules” – just as his company called “Room Temperature Superconductors Inc” is also now defunct, having never produced any “room temperature superconductors.” Evidently there’s a limit to how many years in a row the same company can claim it will finally have something to demonstrate “next year.” Now Goldes has a new scamporation, Chava Energy.

        • Mark Goldes

          These statements originate with a well known internet troll.

          He/she attacks unproven new technology – which technology is
          sometimes very doubtful.

          “Fraud” and “scam” are the favorite claims, presumably believing these assertions will be effective in scaring the most people off.

          Partial truths and innuendo are used to back up the assertions, including unsubstantiated claims, guilt by association, etc. Much of what is quoted is simply untrue.

          Thinking that a lie told hundreds of times will gain validity, these attacks are posted often.

    • Keyto Clearskies

      Chronicles of Mark Goldes, the Perpetual Scam Machine

      1976: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims to have developed a production-ready wind-propelled, wind-rechargeable motorcycle that can reach 60 mph:


      1998: Goldes successfully defrauds taxpayers of over four hundred thousand dollars by swindling the witless US Air Force with his “room temperature superconductor” scam.


      2005: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that his company, MPI, is developing “Magnetic Power Modules”:


      2008: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that “MPI is also developing breakthrough magnetic energy technologies including POWERGENIE (Power Generation of Electricity by Nondestructive Interference of Energy).” Goldes claims to have “run an electric car for more than 4,800 miles with no need to plug-in.” According to Goldes, “[MPI] Revenues from licenses and Joint Ventures are conservatively projected to exceed $1 billion annually by 2012.”


      2009: Goldes seeks investors with fraudulent claims that his latest company, Chava Energy, “has been developing enhanced theoretical and practical paths that lead towards commercialization of energy conversion systems that utilize hydrinos.” He now claims to be “developing a Self Powered Internal Combustion Engine – SPICE(tm) powered by hydrinos.”


  • James

    you mean “No denying”… 🙂

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  • GregS

    Tesla needs to bring out that next model, I might be interested 🙂

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  • Kelfin Planck

    Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” is simply an elaborate fraud.

    Mark Goldes, starting in the mid-seventies, engaged for several years in the pretense that his company SunWind Ltd was developing a nearly production-ready, road-worthy, wind-powered “windmobile,” based on the windmobile invented by James Amick; and that therefore SunWind would be a wonderful investment opportunity.

    After SunWind “dried up” in 1983, Goldes embarked on the long-running pretense that his company Room Temperature Superconductors Inc was developing room-temperature superconductors; and that therefore Room Temperature Superconductors Inc would be a wonderful investment opportunity. He continues the pretense that the company developed something useful, even to this day.

    And then Goldes embarked on the pretense that his company Magnetic Power Inc was developing “NO FUEL ENGINES” based on “Virtual Photon Flux;” and then, on the pretense that MPI was developing horn-powered “NO FUEL ENGINES” based on the resonance of magnetized tuning-rods; and then, on the pretense that his company Chava LLC (aka “Chava Energy”) was developing water-fueled engines based on “collapsing hydrogen orbits” (which are ruled out by quantum physics); and then, on the pretense that he was developing strictly-ambient-heat-powered “NO FUEL ENGINES” (which are ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics).

    But of course, the laws of physics always make an exception for the make-believe pretenses of Mark Goldes.

    Goldes’ forty-year career of “revolutionary breakthrough” pretense has nothing to do with science, but only with pseudoscience, pseudophysics, and relentless flimflam, in pursuit of loans and donations from gullible people who never mastered physics very well.

    Mark Goldes’ “Aesop Institute” has engaged for many years in the very dishonest and unscrupulous practice of soliciting loans and donations under an endless series of false pretenses, that it is developing and even “prototyping” various “revolutionary breakthroughs,” such as “NO FUEL ENGINES” that run on ambient heat alone – or run on “Virtual Photon Flux” – or on “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” – or even on the acoustic energy of sound from a horn.

    Aesop Institute’s make-believe strictly ambient heat engine is ruled out by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This has been understood by physicists for at least 180 years. There is no “new science” that has ever determined such an engine to be possible.

    Aesop Institute’s make-believe “Virtual Photon Flux” engine is based on the idea that accessible electric power “is everywhere present in unlimited quantities” – which we know to be false.

    Aesop Institute’s make-believe “Collapsing Hydrogen Orbits” engine is based on Randell Mills’ theory of “hydrino” hydrogen, which every scientist knows to be false.

    Aesop Institute’s make-believe horn-powered engine is based on the pretense that a magnetized tuning rod could somehow “multiply energy” – a ludicrous notion, which is obviously ruled out by the law of conservation of energy.

    Aesop Institute’s very latest make-believe engine is a perpetual motion machine in the form of a self-powered air compressor, which proposes to use a turbine to compress air to spin the turbine to compress air to spin the turbine.

    Aesop Institute has never offered the slightest shadow of evidence that it is actually developing or “prototyping” any of these make-believe physics-defying “revolutionary breakthroughs.” All it has ever offered are mere declarations that it is doing so – unsupported by any proof whatever, of any kind whatever.

    There are no “revolutionary breakthroughs” to be found on Goldes’ fraudulent “Aesop Institute” website. There is only pseudoscience, relentless flimflam, and empty claims of engines that are ruled out by the laws of physics.