You Want Jobs? Agriculture Has Them!


farming jobs

American farms are struggling to attract workers, according to reports out last week. Farmers have jobs, but no applicants – and they concede that the problem is only getting worse as innovation in alternative fuels like ethanol and biodiesel, as well as growing demand for the materials necessary to make plant-based renewable plastic pushes up demand for their products to the point that there are thousands of jobs waiting to be filled.

With green jobs growth out-pacing literally every other US industry, this is a serious problem. “We certainly have a shortfall, no doubt about it,” said Sonny Ramaswamy, director of the Agriculture Department’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Ramaswamy added that while there has been an increase in the number of students enrolled in agriculture at US universities, “that’s not been enough to keep up with the demand (read: jobs) that we’ve got in the workforce.”

So, for those of you keeping score, that’s the Keystone pipeline promising a bunch of jobs that many experts – and even our President! – claim won’t materialize, and literally thousands of permanent jobs waiting to be filled that were created by green businesses, agriculture, and alternative fuels.

Granted, some of the agra fuel growth is being pushed by increased food demands as the population increases, but that same growing population needs fuel, and more and more people are proving to be more intelligent than the f***wits who believe what big oil tells them and driving up demand for alt-fuels, even as demand for crude oil is threatening to dry up.

Remember that score when you’re voting next November, kids.


Source: USA Today.

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  • curly4

    Yes, there are jobs in agriculture but those jobs are not where the people are. That is why there so many immigrants (both legal and illegal) here in the US the citizens of the US don’t want to work!
    This is exemplified by a landscape contractor in Houston TX who did want to hire illegals. He tried to hire only US citizens but found that they were unreliable. The would get to work a hour or two late, take an hour and half or more for lunch and quit a hour+ early. When there they did not want to do the work because it destroyed their fingernails and other expensive hairdos. To get workers he starting hiring immigrants who show up at least half early, took short lunches and worked past quitting time and did any and all of the work no matter how hard or dirty. Now he hires almost exclusive immigrants.The citizens will not do the work!

    • Jo Borras

      I’m not sure what nonsense pile you dragged that out of, but I do agree that too many people in my generation don’t want jobs. I’ve offered sales jobs, web jobs, customer service jobs, etc. to people and been told “I really want to work in my field.”

      You’ve been unemployed for a year. Your field is Oprah. Get fucked.

  • Campisi

    I have no doubt agriculture firms have a “shortage” of “qualified” applicants, in the same way that tech firms do. By advertising job openings with ludicrous prerequisites and/or wages far lower than anyone with those qualifications is insane enough to accept, companies are successfully able to lobby the government for more work visas for foreign workers. These workers tend to work for far less money (having little knowlege of American labour markets), put up with far greater abuses at the hands of their employers (having little knowlege of or access to American legal labour protections), and are afraid to do anything that would upset their employers (because their bosses can fire them for any reason, revoke their visas, and report them for immigration enforcement).

    Want to hire workers? Raise your offered wage until you fill those positions. Don’t like your pool of applicants? Raise wages further until the hiring pool fills with applicants of acceptable calibre.

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