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Microbrewers Rejoice! the Growler Bicycle is Here!

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Growler Bicycle Micro-brew

The proliferation of cyclists and bicycle commuters in recent years is great for the nation’s overall health, air quality, and natural resources. It’s also fantastic because, in most areas, you can’t get a DUI for cycling hammered. To writers, artists, journalists, beer enthusiasts, and home microbrewers this is fantastic news, I assure you. Speaking of beer and microbrew enthusiasts, many have dabbled in their own homebrew, and – like my friends, Knute and Ian – they transport their babies brews in a 64 oz. “growler”.

So, how will we be able to combine commuting, cycling, and home-brewing/beer-drinking into one amazing, gestalt-y, and Voltron-esque super-hobby?

With the growler bike.

That’s right, gang – this is a fixed gear cruiser bike with 29″ tires and a high-end “springer” front fork system that is built for the express purpose of carrying a growler of beer from one place to another. Awesome. Here’s a quick word from the growler bike’s builders …

This “Growler” concept city commuter is a working sketch prototype in a series of thoughts on what we carry around with us and the importance of those items. The artist, Joey Ruiter, took a Growler from a local pub and set off to design a bike around it. With or without the beer, this changed how he views typical beach/ city “cruisers”.

… and a few more “close-up” photos of the bike, which should give you a sense of how well this bike – a concept, for now – is really built. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Feeldesain.

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