Prius V Fighting Chevy Orlando Hybrid is Taking Shape

Chevy Hybrid

The Chevy Orlando is a compact people-mover that GM sells all over the world – but not in the US, where the small, well-built tiny van market was defined (and, some might say, totally satisfied) by the Mazda 5. In recent years, however, Toyota’s Prius V, Ford’s C-Max, and rumored similar vehicles coming form Nissan and Honda have shown that America might be catching up with Europe when it comes to tiny people movers. Here’s the thing, though: with the exception of the Mazda 5, all of those people-movers are hybrids.

So, what do we have here, really? According to Autoblog, it’s a Chevy Orlando hybrid (possibly a plug-in hybrid) that, they say, had an interior littered with hybrid components and testing gear. Then of course, there’s this …

Chevy Hybrid

… which seems a pretty clear “hybrid indicator” to me!

You can read more about the upcoming Chevy Orlando hybrid and check out a full photo gallery over at Autoblog, where the original article was published. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Autoblog.


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