2015 Smart ForTwo and Renault TwinGo Caught Testing


2015 Smart ForTwo

In a bid to reduce costs on their next-generation city cars, Mercedes and Renault have decided to collaborate on the next-gen Renault TwinGo and 2015 Smart ForTwo, which were recently caught testing in the spy photos you see here.

While the 2015 Smart and Renault city cars share the same platform and engine/transmission combinations, the Renault version (the not-available-in-the-US TwinGo) will be available only the larger, four-door configuration of the company’s recent Twin’Z concept outside of France, to avoid the two brands’ competing directly with one another. For its part of the bargain, the 2015 Smart ForTwo will follow the styling cues of last year’s ForStars concept, right down to the funky perforated grille that you can see peeking out through the spied cars’ camouflage.

A money-saving pure electric version of both the 2015 Smart and Renault models will be available, as well as a low-displacement turbo and bi-fuel option. Expect the updated Smart that’s headed to the US to be revealed early next year, and look out for an all-electric Nissan version of the TwinGo to slot in beneath the hot-selling Nissan Leaf.


Source | Photos: AutoExpress.

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