Lotus NOT Safe, New Lotus Esprit NOT Coming in 2013

New Lotus Esprit

DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! Lotus’ new masters at DRB-Hicom have just cancelled the on-again, off-again Lotus Esprit, which had been slated for a debut later this year with either an evolution of the bespoke Lotus V8 or some variant of a rumored, more-powerful Lexus hybrid engine that never appeared.

Instead of developing cutting-edge new product to fly the storied Lotus flag at LeMans, DRB-Hicom has agreed to fund Lotus “as-is” for a further three years, hoping that the brand will, somehow, be able to pull itself back from the brink without any sort of new product in an increasingly competitive niche car market.

Note to DRB-Hicom executives: you could turn Apple into applesauce in three years if you starved it of new product, what do you think is going to happen to Lotus without a new Lotus Esprit!?


Cancellation of the new Lotus Esprit seems to be yet more proof that if you’re a low-IQ jag with a wealthy daddy and the right amount of melanin to pass for whatever the majority is in your given location then “CEO” is the most likely job you’ll hold, I suppose. While you lot ponder that, here’s some pics of the glory that was the old Esprit. I’ll be over here, weeping softly in the corner.


Source: Lotus Cars, via Jalopnik.


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