Video: Van Eko's New Bio-composite Electric Scooter is GORGEOUS

Be.e Electric Scooter

The Van.Eko Be.e is the somewhat pretentious name of the sexy scooter you see above, and it might just be the greenest thing you’ve seen on these pages. For starters, the design features a composite monocoque that serves as the bike’s frame, and holds the electric motor, batteries, suspension, and instruments in place. That composite body looks great, in my opinion, but it’s objectively great for the planet, too: it’s made from the same sort of plant-based plastics as Coca-Cola’s new Plantbottle, which I became more familiar with at this year’s Further with Ford trend conference.

The rest of the spec sheet on Van.Eko’s electric scooter reads like a scooterist’s wet dream, with a MASSIVE 70 lb-ft of torque (!!?) coming from the Be.e’s 4 KW electric motor and high-end components like telescoping front forks and disc brakes front and rear (With that much power, you’ll certainly need them!). You can get a better sense of the electric scooter’s specs, below …


… and then join me in wondering what, precisely, a nano-coated windscreen can do for you. I have no idea.

Van.Eko’s Be.e joins the electric scooter ranks along with 2-wheeled industry giants like Mercedes’ Smart brand, BMW, KTM, and Indian manufacturing giant Matra, who are all vying for electric scooter supremacy. I’ll say this, though: the Be.e has them all beat on style and – with 70 lb-ft of torque available at 0 rpm! – performance, too. We’ll see whether any of that helps get the Be.e to market soon enough – until then, you can see the first on the street in the photos and video, below. Enjoy!


Source | Photos: Van.Eko, via TechVehi.


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