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Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Video: Introducing Psycho Racers Custom Motorcycles from Costa Rica

July 18th, 2013 by  

Cariblanco Psycho 125

The “Psycho Racers” line of chopped bikes described by its creator as a “development of a custom motorcycle family for the Central America market using the base of the Suzuki GN”, which was inspired by early dirt-trackers and choppers that its makers claim were “beautiful machines with character, style and soul.”

So, what kind of “motorcycle family” can you develop using a single frame with a small-displacement, air-cooled single cylinder motorcycle that’s closely related to the largely forgettable (but highly fuel-efficient!) Suzuki TU250X? A pretty bad-a** family, it turns out! Here’s a sampling …


… so- like, damn!

There’s not a ton of information available on these bikes (that I could find, anyway), but Psycho Racers has built at least one example of the Cariblanco shown, above, as concept art. You can get a brief run-down of the zippy little bike’s modifications, below, and some photos and video of the finished product at the bottom of this page. Whether or not Psycho Racers’ line-up of sexy small bikes is sexxy enough to sway your motoring tastes their way is on you, of course – but remember: you don’t need a ton of displacement to ride like superstar.

  • Cariblanco Psycho frame
  • 125 cc
  • 18″ wheels
  • 18″ DP road/dirt tires
  • Front and rear 220mm disks brakes
  • Custom Psycho exhaust
  • Custom front and rear fender
  • Leather Psycho seat
  • HD lights and directionals
  • Racing number plates
  • Psycho Fuel Tank
  • Wrinkle-finish engine
  • Powder coat pieces
  • RPM Counter
  • Surf racks w/ quick release

Also, someone should really buy me a Psycho Racers Danta. Please?


Source | Photos: Behance.

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