Minerva V12 Hybrid Supercar From Belgium

minerva-1For the past decade or so, many automakers large and small have embraced the alpha numeric naming system for their cars, as most of the good names are already taken. But a small Belgian outfit is building a powerful hybrid supercar with a V12 engine, and the name would fit any James Bond love interest; the Minerva J.M. Brabazon.

The Minerva name has not been seen on a car since 1956, and J.M. Barbazon is a race car driver from the old company’s heydays. So there’s your origin story for a car that is, from what looks of it, a serious contender for hybrid supercar king. The goal for the Barbazon is a top speed of 200 mph, with the V12 engine assisted by a pair of electric motors.

For now, this supercar remains a concept of pen and paper only, though I for one am always ready to welcome a new hybrid supercar to the mix. Cars like the 950 horsepower Icona Vulcano and 963 horsepower LaFerrari are employing hybrid technology in ways people never envisioned, saving fuel and going faster, a rare win-win for the auto industry.

Will the Minerva Barbazon, with its Audi R8-like looks and powerful V12 hybrid setup, carve out a name for itself in this incredibly competitive niche?

Source: Carscoops



Christopher DeMorro

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