GlassTesla Gives The Tesla App A Google Glass Makeover

teslaglassGoogle Glass has kicked off the wearable technology trend with its computerized glasses, and one app developer has reverse-engineered the Tesla application to work with Google glass. Welcome to the 21st century!

We are fast approaching the era of “wearable technology”, where the pocket computers we call smartphones will soon be integrated into our glasses, watches, and clothing. We’ve been seeing this in science fiction for decades now, but we may finally be on the cusp of a wearable tech breakthrough.

For now, the GlassTesla app is limited to what the standard Tesla app can do. That means you can check on your battery level, charging status, remotely turn the Model S on or off, and even pop open the charging port. You can also open lock or unlock the doors, honk the horn, flash lights, and turn on the automatic climate control. So it lets you do everything short of driving the car.

Being all high-tech, you can bet Tesla wants to be on the cutting edge of smartphone advances. Should Google Glass actually make it to market, or if Tesla were bought by Google, the enhancements could go much farther than that. Imagine being able to get turn-by-turn directions, locate the nearest charging points, or warnings about traffic obstuctions ahead, all via a pair of glasses.

The possibilities seem endless; what other uses for a Tesla Google Glass app could you see?

Source: Wired


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