2016 Jeep Wrangler Definitely Getting Diesel Engine


diesel-jeepAs a Jeep fanboy, I’ve long lusted after the notion of a diesel-powered Wrangler dominating nature with low torque and great fuel economy. According to sources deep inside Chrysler, those dreams will come true for the 2016 model year. Yup, a Jeep Wrangler Diesel will make its way to showrooms in just a couple of short years.

While specific details are lacking, we can probably assume that the diesel Wrangler will get the 3.0 liter EcoDiesel that debuted in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’ll carry a serious price premium (which is about $7,000 in the Grand Cherokee) and will help mark the end of the current model, which is nearing the twilight of its existence. Up until now, Wrangler fans were left to perform diesel conversions of their own, a lengthy and expensive process.

With 240 horsepower and a whopping 420 ft-lbs of torque, the 3.0 liter EcoDiesel is still capable of delivering 30 mpg highway in the huge Grand Cherokee, and will soon crossover into Ram trucks as well. I loved everything about my old YJ Wrangler, save the gas mileage which averaged around 18 or 19 mpg. Even after two decades of progress though, the Wrangler’s fuel economy has barely budged. The diesel engine will help with that a lot.

But will it be worth a big bump in price? Considering how popular the four-door Wranglers have proven, I’m going to go ahead and say yes, very much so.

Source: Edmunds

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  • disqus_VbsyJP1wbB

    It is about freaking time! Of course I already have my Wrangler so I will be waiting to see how the motor and transmission perform. I have always planned to put a bio diesel capable diesel in my Jeep when the engine breaths its last and this one will be high on the list.

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  • Jason Carpp

    I wish SUVs and light trucks here in the United States were available with diesel powered engines. Do they have drawbacks? Of course. What engine doesn’t? But if you drive diesel vehicles every day, you learn to live with the drawbacks and take advantage of the good things, you might actually enjoy it. I believe it should be up to us, the customers, and not the US EPA, and certainly not the marketing people.

    • DezzNutz

      F*ck the EPA!!!

      • Jason Carpp

        Exactly! Why ever was the EPA formed in the first place? The last time I checked, EPA stood for Environmental Protection Agency. Protection? Protection from what? Emissions? That’d be impossible to do, given that everything emits something into the air.

        • Phyrefyter

          The EPA was created (by a Republican President) to help control pollution, air and water. DOT should have been given the responsibility for fuel economy. Yes, government oversight for such things as fuel economy, safety, etc is necessary as not everyone has an engineering degree.

          • Jason Carpp

            I totally agree totally. The Department of Transportation should have more say in what goes on, and not the White House.

          • Phyrefyter

            The DOT is part of the Executive Branch and the fellow in the Oval Office is the head of it as well as the country.

          • Jason Carpp

            Ah! Ok.

  • Andy

    My ’13 JK 2DR should be paid off just in time to get that new diesel. I think I’ll let the first year’s production go though..

    • Phyrefyter

      I’d think that the bugs should be worked out if it’s in production in the EU. That engine has been around for s while.

  • Jeepdrvr

    They have had the diesel option in Europe for awhile, glad to see its coming here

    • Jason Carpp

      So am I. Diesel may not be for everyone, but so what? If you can afford it, and you’re willing to live with its shortcomings, then you should be allowed to drive a diesel powered car, or truck.

  • Tomssw

    I love my JKUR, I hope the new design that comes with the diesel is just as good!

  • Diesel G

    If the $7,000 price bump is true for a diesel, then they will not sell well. 7 G’s can get you a lot of gas and upgrades.

  • Diesel G

    I just hope that the new Jeep doesn’t become more bloated than the JK has become. We don’t need longer/wider Jeeps. I’m liking what they did with the concept by shaving a bunch of weight. I realize the new design is selling well, but that’s because the creature comforts are appealing to a new audience. I would love to see the stats on off-road usage. I’m betting it’s very minimal.

  • dsfdsfadsf

    Drop the weight of the jeep.. 6,000 lbs? Why? Needs to be cut back to 3,000lbs. Atv’s are independent systems.. do you realize jeep is competing for side by sides that are actually more jeep like.. It will not be long when side by sides are on the highways.. These idiot red necks are killing the jeep off. Drop the weight.. Use a tritium frame bars with plastic covers. You use just don’t care to inspire the markets and rally sales..

    • thisisguest

      I agree with half of what you said. I haven’t checked the weight recently but if it’s 6000 pounds that’s completely insane lol, my bro’s 66 cj5 is 2800 pounds and can be lighter if needed and that’s steel. Using a titanium frame would be even more cost prohibitive than the diesel option. I want a diesel jeep because a high up fast moving brick to me needs all the help it can get with mpg, and if it can do that while increasing torque I’m all for it.

    • Phyrefyter

      The JK doesn’t weight 6000. Check the specifications closer.

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  • Tom Raub

    what are these guys that don’t need longer wider jeeps 4foot tall with the old grand cherokee I have price was right if II had children it wouldn’t have much room for groceries the wrangler unlimited looks like it needs a foot

    • Zigsauered

      If you have children shouldn’t you be driving a station wagon? I don’t think you have time to be in the woods? Guys want to be minimalist. I want only the two seater with the bicycle rack. I’m 6’4

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  • NoVictims

    ‘Bout time! I own a Mercedes W123 estate wagon. Best vehicle I’ve owned…ever! I’d get a Jeep diesel. It’ll be super torque-y and last for years. Perfect utility, emergency and all around do-it-all vehicle. Again, ’bout time!

  • mike

    The next jeep with the diesel will likely have a new design. Hope it does, i want it too. planning on buying it.

  • strangedays

    As a family with 4 jeeps (and were talking 3 real CJ jeeps) a TJ wrangler (as well as a VW Jetta TDI and Toyota Echo) I can attest to the fact that Jeeps are great at some things and not so great at others… the 4 door JK Rubicon Wrangler was interesting – like of like reviving the CJ-6, and was a welcome addition. If anything Jeep (and their competitors) need to really worry about is gas mileage and ground clearance. Perhaps they should hire Johnathan Goodwin as a consultant on how to bring the hybrid electric-diesel wrangler that they made as a concept vehicle back in 2008 that was similar to the Jeep J8 Wrangler (diesel) or even the concept Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon “Stealth” to fruition. Another suggestion is the use of portal axles (AMG H1), or addition of revolver shackles for extreme articulation. But most importantly is gas mileage and quality, GM and Ford dont stand a chance in this area but if VW,Toyota or LandRover were to design something it might be worth while. Also people want this vehicles because they are more or less utilitarians as such you can forget about people wanting ‘push button’ 4×4 and auto tyrannies (or a manual gearbox with less than 6 forward gears) as well as a huge diesel engine (>=3L).
    If anything a midsize 2.5L Diesel would be optimal, better yet a fully electric drive train with a 1L (or smaller) Diesel ‘powerplant’ to keep the batteries fully charged. I cant say how much I love my VW jetta diesel (1.8L for its) awesome torque, power and 50+ MPG if only i could put 33 tires on it. Just wish someone can make a small diesel Jeep-like vehicle that would be as reliable and built with quality in mind much like the way Japanese or European automakers conduct their manufacturing operations.