Video: Turbodiesel Van Sets New Nurburgring Record


revo-van-recordSetting a record around the ‘Ring is the goal over just about every driver and automaker, though it isn’t just cars that can set a record around the Green Hell. Revo, a Volkswagen tuner, tweaked the 2.0 liter turbodiesel in a VW T5 delivery van and then took to the ‘Ring to break a record set by a Top Gear presenter.

The Nurburgring has become the performance benchmark for sports car builders and enthusiasts all over the world. Even television hosts have gone to the ‘Ring for a round or two, including Top Gear Germany host Sabine Schmitz. Schmitz took the Furtive e-GT around the ‘Ring to gather testing data, and for Top Gear set a ‘Ring record in a Ford Transit delivery van.

Not wanting to be outdone by the Lady of the Ring though, Revo decided to tune and tweak a Volkswagen T5 commercial van to deliver some serious performance. Tuning the 2.0 liter turbodiesel’s ECU freed up some extra power, as did adding an upgraded intercooler and a custom exhaust system. Oh, and they also added a suspension, which I didn’t know was even an option for these vans.

This extra work was enough for driver Dale Lomas to beat Sabine’s 10:08 record by 11-seconds, squeaking in just under 9 minutes…in a diesel delivery van. Don’t ever doubt those diesels.

Source: Revo via Autoblog

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  • Jason Carpp

    Impressive! With performance like that, why the hell don’t we have diesels here in North America? Diesel may not be to everyone’s tastes, and with the only transmission option being a manual shifting transmission, it’d no doubt be less popular, but so what? If you know how to drive a stick shift transmission vehicle, you might like this vehicle. So come on, Volkswagen, bring it here to the USA!

    • UncleB

      VW diesels! Turbos too! in Canada for sure! Bullet proof engines they go 500000 kms without repair! My Jetta Diesel peaked at 188kmh.

      • Jason Carpp

        The problem is that vehicles like the VW Transporter isn’t available here in the USA with a diesel engine. You can get a Passat, a Golf, and a Touareg. But for some reason, not a Transporter, or Eurovan.

  • UncleB

    Diesels a full 40% more efficient by compression ratios alone! Could resolve America’s fuel bill dilemma with ease but big oil is so into screwing you they won’t have it! My Jetta Diesel, when driven carefully gave me up to 1200 km per tank of fuel.

    • danwat1234

      They aren’t 40% more efficient. More like 10% more efficient in regular driving, maybe 20% better if you drive to take advantage of the diesel’s low end HP (torque).

      But Atkinson gas engine close that gap and lean burn gas engines close that gap even more. Lean burn without a throttle plate (via AVTEC, Valvematic or Valvetronic) I’d guess is no less efficient than a diesel.

      • UncleB

        Newer diesels from VW, Mercedes are extremely efficient, beating all gasoline technologies by even more than 40% Even the new chev diesel does pretty good efficiency-wise. Fact is: diesel fuel contains more btu’s than gasoline per unit of measure? Also: Diesel is much cheaper to refine and needs no additives. Reality is: electrics are coming – three moving part power trains and recycleable , exchangeable batteries are here and the world’s best Scientists have turned to electric storage system technologies in light of the Thorium fission fact debuting firm China 2017 and the promise of cheaper electrical energy than fossil fuel energy for all mankind.