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Published on June 22nd, 2013 | by Jo Borrás


Cleantechnica Takes on the Myth that Electric Cars Aren't That Green

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Which is greener, gas or electric?

One of the most common myths associated with electric cars is that they’re no more “green” than gas cars, once “all the variables are considered”. The first problem with that type of thinking is that most studies fail to determine what, exactly, all the variables are. The second problem is that, even once you find a great majority of the variables, you can still flub the basic math.

So, leaving out that whole “the greenest car you can buy is the one that’s already built” angle that is so near and dear to me and the people who keep their sexy classic Porsches and Volvos in good working order for a few million miles, here the take that Zach Shahan, from our sister site, Cleantechnica, has on the issue. Enjoy!

Debunking The “Electric Cars Aren’t Greener” Myth (via Clean Technica)

Update: Some very useful additional factors have been noted by commenters below. Have a look! One of the most common myths I see repeated in the comments here on CleanTechnica — perhaps the most common — is the myth that electric cars aren’t greener. That’s pure BS. As numerous studies have…

Source: Cleantechnica, Photo: Road&Track.

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    This is still not accounting for the added carbon footprint of modern crude sources, which is a mix of light and heavy oil and bio fuels, but I guess it’s a start…

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