Video: Tesla Model S Costs 6-Cents Per Drag Race

tesla-model-s-drag-stripThe Tesla Model S is part sports car, part luxury car, and all-electric. For me, the best part is the focus on speed and handling, allowing the two-ton EV to move and handle like a much lighter car. Tesla owners are especially enthusiastic about drag racing, with the Model S pulling down consistent 12-second passes, and unlike traditional drag cars, it costs just pennies-per-pass in this sporty electric sedan.

Anyone who has ever done serious drag racing knows that fuel costs can add up quickly, especially if you feed your engine high-octane fuel. With racing fuels consistently costing between $6 and $10 a gallon, a day at the track running a big V8 can cost you $50 in fuel alone, not including the truck and trailer you use to bring your race car to the track.

But the Tesla Model S, which can drive to and from the track on pure electric power, costs around 5-cents per pass down the quarter-mile. A full-speed pass will suck down approximately 1.1 kWh according to the DragTimes video below, but regenerative braking recovers about half of that power, 0.6 kWh. Net usage? About .5 kWh, which in South Florida, where this video was taken, would cost 6 cents to refill. Oh, and it can be a Dodge Viper in a drag race. Bada bing!

That means the Tesla Model S with the 85 kWh battery could make about 170 all-out 12-second, 110+ mph passes down the drag strip before needing to be recharged, and at the end of the day it would cost just over $10 to refill. With battery-swapping technology potentially coming to the Model S as well, could  Tesla be a drag racer’s delight?

 Source: DragTimes


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