That Seems Wrong: Diesel Maserati


Diesel Maserati Ghibli Sedan

Call me a heretic, or call me a true believer. Either way, a sexy, slinky Maserati should not, must not, cannot have a low-revving, high-torque diesel 6 under the hood. It’s sick. It’s wrong. And yet, here we are.

Welcome to the brave new world, kids. For the most part, it’s pretty awesome here. We have 740 hp Aston Martin hybrids, 8-second GTRs, and at least a few people who understand that you can, in fact, combine new technology and classic style to get the best of both world (on two wheels and four). On the other hand, though, we have heresies like the diesel Maserati.

Let’s just get through this, shall we?

The new-for-2014 Maserati Ghibli is based, mechanically, on Maserati’s Ferrari-V8-powered GranTurismo coupe. Visually, however, the car has more than a passing resemblance to its big brother, the also-Ferrari-V8-powered Quattroporte. Both cars feature strong creases over the rear wheelarches and a full-width lower grille. To set them apart, visually, the Ghibli gets a shorter rear overhang and slimmer headlights that will be obviously different when the two cars are parked side by side.

To its credit, the new diesel Maserati features a 270 hp twin-turbo V6, which makes it sound similar (on paper, at least) to the BiTurbo Maseratis of the 1980s. Further digging into Maserati’s storied past is the name. The Ghibli, of course, being a classic Maserati that looks like this …


… and is not powered by a diesel 6. To be fair, the old “classic” Ghibli doen’t get 48 MPG, either, while the new one does. Still, that doesn’t feel like consolation to me.

What do you think, dear readers? Does the diesel Maserati have legs, or would some things be better off in the dustbin of antiquity? Let us know, in the comments.


Source | Photos: AutoExpress, BoldRide.

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  • egogg

    It looks remarkably like the Tesla sedan. Or perhaps the Tesla sedan looks like it.

    • Jason Carpp

      It has a better looking front end than a Tesla.

    • Jo Borras

      The Maserati Quattroporte has been around nearly a decade, so I’d say the Tesla looks like it.

  • Wallace

    Ditch the diesel and make it a Tesla killing EV Maserati. An electric Maserati that does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and tops out at 200 mph and a range similar to Tesla.

    • Jo Borras

      That’s not really an EV thing you’re describing. Still, I’d be more OK with an electric Maserati than a diesel. A diesel Benz? Sure. A diesel Volvo? Yes, please! A diesel Maserati? Might as well stuff a Cummins in the ass-end of a Ferrari …

  • t_

    It is normal, that the Masreatti looks better than the Tesla. Those people have design traditions decades before Tesla Motors even existed.
    If the diesel engine is from BMW, they do have nothing to worry about.

  • Shivendu

    You’re getting AWESOME performance with great mileage, but no, u just want a gas guzzling grunt instead. WHY?

    • Jo Borras

      Not true – as I mention in other comments, I’d be happy with an electric Maserati or even a hybrid. Diesels sound like a**, even the best of them. A Maserati deserves better.

  • UncleB

    How about a made for “American methanol specific/hybrid electric? As it is U.S.A. has little oil left and needs to move to methanol and CNG(Compressed Natural Gas).
    One day the value of a pure methanol engine will be realized, and hopefully before the Electrics completely take over?

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  • Calogero Cascio

    I understand what you mean… a Maserati is like a thoroughbred horse, so you would like to see it only with top notch engines. But somehow it seems they managed to do so with a diesel engine! All the comments I read about that diesel suggest it sounds like a V8… “push the button and a melody fill the air…”. Personally I can’t wait to see one…

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