Chevy Volt Incentives Offer Up To $5,000 Off Older Models


chevy-voltWhile Chevy Volt sales were once watched closer than Kim Kardashians tweets, these days sales have essentially plateaued while production has ramped up. That has left GM with more than a 140 day supply of the plug-in hybrid, so the General is offering up to $5,000 off 2012 models to help dealers move them off of showroom floors.

With the $7,500 tax rebate, that incentive pricing means you could get a 2012 Chevy Volt for around $27,500, way lower than the $39,995 MSRP. Not looking for a two-year old leftover? GM is also offering $4,000 off of 2013 models in order to make room for the upcoming 2014 model. Sales of the Volt are up just 1.4% for the first five months of 2013, with 7,157 vehicles sold so far this year. Respectable to be sure, but far from what GM was hoping for. Dealers typically have an 80 to 90 day supply of vehicles on lots.

No doubt there is a lot more competition today than there was when the Volt debuted. With the recent price cuts of pure-electric vehicles, and the addition of several new plug-in hybrid options like the Toyota Prius Plug-In and Ford C-Max Energi, the Chevy Volt now stands as one of the most-expensive hybrid or electric vehicles on the market. The fact that the Volt is still selling as well as it is says something for the plug-in hybrid.

Still, GM would do well to roll out a cheaper, refreshed model soon, lest they risk falling behind in a market segment they essentially created. Then again, this is a great time to buy for anyone looking to get a plug-in hybrid into their garage.

Source: The Detroit News

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  • Vatcha

    It sure looks like their going to have their lunch handed to them with the Volt. I’ve seen their rationale for going with the Chevy brand, but it sure looks to me like they would have done better to brand it as a Cadillac and actually compete more with the Tesla. I expect that is what the upcoming ELR will compete against. I just don’t see where the Chevy branded Volt fits in for significant market share. There certainly is a significant urban runabout market as a second or third vehicle in a family. But it seems like this segment will be best penetrated by pure EVs like the Leaf which will very likely be able to reach a low to mid 20’s price point. The complexity of the Volt is not ever going to allow it to come close to that market, so it seems like its stuck in no mans land.

    That is not to say that they can’t still make money selling it at a loss. With current CAFE standards, if you loose a few thousand on a Volt and that enables you to make $10,000 selling another Silverado, maybe you still come out ahead …

  • jj

    The only thing GM knows how to do good is trying to sell junk. I wouldn’t take a GM car if they gave it for free. As for me, GM have lost all trust. When a company spend over $1 Billion dollars per year on their marketing, you know something is wrong. GM management have failed the public and will continues to fail the public.

  • PrezNixon

    So the 2012 gets a $1,000 dollar incentive over the 2013? Not to quibble, but that’s not really what I’d call a huge incentive to clear the 2012’s off the lots.

    Over on, only 5% of the Volts listed for sale are 2012’s. It is showing 350 of them total. The majority are listed at full MSRP, and the dealerships don’t look like they are even trying to sell them off.