UPDATE: Monster Tajima's Electric E-Runner Gets Tested (w/ video)


Electric Monster Tajima

Monster Tajima’s wicked-fast 670 hp electric Monster Sport E-Runner was detailed yesterday by Chris DeMorro, who pointed out that Tajima would be gunning for a record-setting 9:30 time to further establish himself as “King of the Hill”. The hill, of course, being Pike’s Peak, which is one of America’s most prestigious and storied motorsports events.

The only thing missing from Chris’ article? Video of Monster Tajima’s torque-heavy E-Runner in action … so here’s some of that, below.

And you’re welcome.


Source | Photos: Team APEV, via TechVehi.

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  • UncleB

    Thanks for the great sounds! my Question: in an all electric with no flammable fuels on-board, why the face cover?

    • Batteries can burn, and they can burn far hotter than liquid fuels, since they carry their own accelerants while liquid fuels require exposure to oxygen.

    • Jo Borras

      Batteries are incredibly volatile, and can burn with far more heat and intensity than liquid fuels (which are also less dangerous, in many cases, because they require exposure to oxygen to burn and cannot, therefor, explode in their tanks – despite what Hollywood tells you). He would be mad to push those batteries and NOT be in a fire suit behind scatter shields.

      • UncleB

        Awaiting the super cap bikes – no fire, no chemical dangers?

        • Mark Penrice

          I guess you’ve never seen an aged capacitor go pop, then?

          • UncleB

            nano carbon super caps? nope.

          • Mark Penrice

            And I can get me an affordable and ready supply of those… where?

  • Does the Erunner have a multi-gear transmission? Sounds like I heard a shift on the straight (when the music wasn’t covering it up).

    • Mark Penrice

      Listening carefully I think it was just the power cutting momentarily, either Monster lifting off a little, or traction control responding to bumps in the track. The tone didn’t change enough across the brief cut-outs. In any case, if it was a racing transmission, the change would be savagely quick, not a granny-shifted manual or sluggish semi-auto style pause.

      Hard to tell with that sodding faux-brostep synth guitar shit over the top of it all though, which itself had momentary cut-out effects. Why does everyone who makes a car video find it necessary to drown out the sound of the action with their arbitrary choice of terrible music?

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  • Mark Penrice

    Blimey, a three minute video and there was… what… thirty seconds of actual action? :-/

    Interesting and all but that’s sort of like the charge time – to – fun time ratio you’d get with the real thing.

    Plus that bloody music.