Video: Round 2 Of Japanese EV GP Features RX-7, AE86 EVs

rx-7-evCars like the Toyota Corolla AE86 and Mazda RX-7 are considered classics in the Japanese car world, comparable to America’s love of the Ford Mustang. Over in Japan a few racers willing to risk the wrath of their peers have converted a couple of these classics into electric cars to compete in the Japanese EV Grand Prix.

The EV GP is a road course race, but for all-electric vehicles only. Most of the competitors are rocking Japanese production EVs, including a bunch of Nissan Leafs and a Honda Fit EV. But from the onset the race is dominated by a couple of Tesla Roadsters, easily the fastest EVs on the field.ev-ae86

But the Toyota AE86 EV, with an estimated 40 kW/53 horsepower, appears to have come in second place behind the Roadster (I can’t read Japanese, so forgive me if I am mistaken). The RX-7 EV comes in close behind the AE86, though there is no sign of the newer Toyota GT86 EV sports coupe that took on the Suzuka Circuit last fall.

It’s awesome to see these Japanese classics converted into electric race cars, keeping the sports car spirit of these classics alive. If you could convert any old car into an EV, what would it be?

Source: TechVehi


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