Moto Electra Completes Own Coast-To-Coast Electric Motorcycle Bid


moto-electraLast week Terry Hershner became the first person to complete a coast-to-coast drive on an electric motorcycle, but he wasn’t competing alone. The Moto Electra team, founded by Brian Richardson of Blue Grass, Virginia, completed their own cross-country electric motorcycle ride, though they did so with two  riders and a support vehicle.

Moto-Electra, which competed in a couple of seasons of the TTXGP with veteran racer Thad Wolff riding, is a bike designed around an old Norton Featherbed frame. THe Moto Electra team let Jacksonville, Florida on June third and arrived in Santa Monica, California on June 6th, about a day after Hershner completed his Santa Monica-to-Jacksonville journey.

Save for having to install some last-minute throttle components about midway through the journey, it went pretty much without a hitch from one coast to another. While Hershner was the first to complete the journey, he took six days (thanks to a blown motor) while Moto Electra took just three. Hershner had a more aerodynamic ride with an estimated 200-mile range, but the Moto Electra team brought along their own generator…just in case.

It was a close race, and both teams deserve major props for their EV endurance chutzpah. Who says going cross-country isn’t possible in an EV?

Source: Plug-in Cars


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    Electric bikes just the beginning of an ever improving technology that just might save the American Economy. Every time we reduce the loans from China to buy foreign oil from OPEC, we win twice – less oil to buy and less interest to pay?