Video: How Fast Will The Tesla Model S Go?


tesla-model-s-top-speedThe Tesla Model S is many things; an electric car, sure, but it’s also billed as a luxury car as well. But wait, it’s also a performance vehicle, capable of beating such venerable sports cars like the Dodge Viper. So just how fast is the Tesla Model S? Let’s go on a top speed run to find out.

Our intrepid driver Elliot states that the expected top speed of the Tesla Model S is around 130 mph, but he wanted to prove it. In possibly the quietest top speed run of all time, Elliot pegs the accelerator and in just 12 seconds gets the Model S up to 100 mph. It takes another 14 seconds to reach a top speed of 133 mph. Maybe he had a tailwind?

It’s as simple as that, and I imagine once an EV aftermarket starts to gain momentum, we’ll see even faster speeds out of the very-capable Tesla Model S. It’s definitely an EV, a luxury car, and a performance car all wrapped up in one gorgeous package.

Source: Motor Authority

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  • UncleB

    Finding the current measures of car performance troubling. the “specs” that interest me:
    1. cost per mile over lifetime expectancy, design centre
    2. driveablillty, for current road conditions
    3. repair costs, monthly, annually by decade, for lifetime
    4. total weight capacity, people and/or cargo.
    5. Adaptability to new technologies, on fly charging, new storage technologies,
    6. durability, built to last, built as platform for exchangeable bodies, that last, repairable materials, exchangeable energy storage schemes.
    7. insurance and finance costs.
    8. Trade values, future values, estimates.

    I think in terms of standardized acceleration and braking functions, top speeds mean nothing in a nation with speed limits – rather: adaptability to the various maximum speeds for full energy economy and distance extension factors, seems important.

    • Drivesolo

      You may have missed the whole point of this article. It was not intended to be a selling point to buy an EV, it was intended to provide entertainment to showcase the performance capability of the Model S for those that have an interest in that. If Elon Musk had no interest in building performance vehicles, would he have built the Roadster? Would he have built the Model S in it’s current form? If he didn’t, would things be the way they are now for Tesla and the EV industry? It’s a good thing things turned out the way that they did.

      While 133mph is not a particularly fast top speed (most performance cars are electronically limited to 155 mph. 0-100mph in 12 seconds is very impressive. Also, the speedo of any car will always register slightly higher than actual speed, so it probably hit 130 on the nose probably limited by motor RPMs.

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